Recycling Junkies

Recycling Junkies (and mouth breathers)

More and more as time goes on… I’m witnessing more and more vocal individuals all hell-bent on the whole recycling / recycled product garbage.

“I am strictly recycled!” or,

“I only use recycled products to save the fucking stupid-ass environment!”

You know the type. They have bumper stickers on their car (hybrid or not – doesn’t pollute any less!)

They HATE people that DO NOT use recycled goods! Some have even gone as far to disrupt the lives of folks who just don’t want to use recycled crap.

But the what about most basic question..?

Recycling junkies feel good for nothing - Recycling Junkies

You can’t have recycled without those who use the “regular stuff!”

To those recycling justice warriors (RJW) – here’s a little reminder:

You wouldn’t have your recycling rainbow at all – if people didn’t FIRST consume the things PRIOR to recycling!

Sure you can talk about “renewables” (that’s always their first line of defense), but that will never fill the human needs on the planet.

So instead of hating those who don’t used recycled products – THANK them for providing you with the means to have such recycled products!

Even renewables suck!

The other day I was at the market. Saw a two-pack of “sustainable” bamboo-based paper towels. $5 for two meager rolls. They said it absorbed better than other recycled brands, and was as soft as a baby’s bottom.


These “renewable” or “recycled” paper towels made with Bamboo – are THE WORST. Never again.

Rough and not soft. Not much more absorbent than an 8.5 x 11″ piece of copy paper! They blatantly LIED on the packaging!

say no to recycled paper towels - Recycling Junkies

Why sacrifice yourself for someone else’s cause?

When I decide to purchase something – one of the first things that is analyzed is VALUE.

How much does it cost, and is it a fair trade for my money?

I can get bounty-like paper towels for around $0.018 per square foot. The feel-good happy recycled have an up-front cost that is more than double. The actual cost goes up even more when you need to use twice as much product for the same job. So you’re essentially paying 400% more. For what?

Additionally – I can get MULTIPLE USES out of regular paper towels. Recycled crap falls apart WHILE we use them. Not good at all.

Why can’t it all be about value? When did ordinary household products become more than that? Don’t you realize that it only “feels good” for those making massive profits just by using one simply psychological trick?

(End of rant as I open up another pack of top-quality non-recycled paper towels to clean up the coffee I spilled.)

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