Speech Hypocrisy {Ha Ha! Joke on you!}

Speech Hypocrisy every single fucking day!

Whomever the “social programmers” are these days. You know, the people trying to “plan” for a better (albeit more obedient) society – have hit the wall.

Whatever the results of their large-scale progamming is – they fucked up royally.

Let’s start with one recent post of ours, that supposedly got the “millennials” all angry.

I wrote a post opposing the idea of those bullshit “social bicycles” that kids are getting conned into paying for UNTIL THEY DIE.

I called the (non-human) physical contraptions “fruity girly-mobiles.”

speech hypocrisy - Speech Hypocrisy {Ha Ha! Joke on you!}

Calling a bicycle a name is now “insulting” people!

Yep. Didn’t insult ANYONE personally. Just called a metal “thing” something. Even if I did “insult” someone with mere words – I wasn’t violating the two golden natural laws: (Do as you’ve agreed to do – and don’t physically infringe on another person or their property).

People also got mad when I called an empanada a “Mexican White Castle.” Holy crap!

However, some bitch named Scott (or @DougHeffercan – whatever that fucking shit means) said “Lmao he’s such a fucking loser. This page is cancer” Beta SJW Men Unite!

And his “friend” Alexandria (who will end up with a multi-cultural transgender family – and is an “expert Sno-Cone maker”) agreed with him.

Who the fuck are these people? What do they stand for? What societal skills do they possess? “App-experts?”

Scott / Doug/ Heffer (God knows if it’s a man or fat land-monster broad) said I was “cancer.” He also busted out the infamous “LMAO.” Well, dear sir or madam – What do you stand for exactly? Looking at your icon, it appears it is Hockey? Or some other professional sport you get no financial benefit from?

You know, I could “get mad” at you, but I instead shrug my shoulders in sadness. For your lack of true identity. When you look in the mirror at night (or any time for that matter), do you just look at “what you look like?” Or do you see an individual with a unique identity? C’mon – you can do it!

Twitter solves NO problems ever

See these millennial ADD maniacs cannot comprehend sophisticated thoughts. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever. The preceding simple six-word sentence was too complex for them to comprehend.

They just “react” and move on. If they get “reactions to their reactions” then the more the merrier. Like a circle-jerk of uselessness. Like cleaning a toilet with a shit-stained rag. Holy muther fucking crap!

So what does that really mean?

Social Media is a curse

Some can argue that “social media” is the way things are these days. Sure, I can even vouch for “man on the street” front line reports of various emergencies. Floods, weather events, fires, shootings, and other precarious situations.

But social media and the constant contact between almost everyone is tiring.

Reactions happen too fast. No thought is ever put into it.

The companies that provide such “services” (Fakebook, Twatter, Instacunt, Etc.) don’t care about what you bullshit about. They just care how the millions of users turn into dollar signs for THEM.

When will you get that?

But you don’t know… Me

The oddest thing of them all – is that none of these so-called “haters” have EVER met me in person. They don’t know about my life. What I truly stand for. Or how a treat other people.

I’m actually an upstanding citizen. Contribute to local economies, make friends left and right, and promote happiness and love wherever I set my feet.

How they can spread such hatred is contradicting to their own stupid mantra. So what I called a bicycle a name. What should I call you if you call me a “cancer?” The cause?

To be frank – I’ve never met “Heffer” or “Alexandria” either. They could be nice people with many upstanding qualities. So why such hate without first-hand knowledge?

Almost everyone I’ve met personally who has has a previous negative impression about me has changed their stance after actually speaking with me. It doesn’t take a lot of effort, and you’ll realize I’m not an enemy… Just someone with a unique opinion and who is quite open-minded and fair.

But if you want to “judge” in the same way I do? No sweat! It’s all good!

That said – have a nice day!

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