Hoboken Week in Review

Hoboken Week in Review – April 10, 2016

Hoboken Week in Review April 10 2016

Below are a some posts that we published on Hoboken411 for the week ending Sunday, April 10, 2016:

Hoboken Podcasts

City Happenings & Political Quackery

  • BootieCity desperate for cash again, ramps up pillaging of out of towners and local workers.
  • HPU CorruptionIn fact, no “reform” has really taken place whatsoever!
  • Pier A Park danger?Waterfront “gem” looking a bit ragged lately.
  • 300 WashingtonUnder construction four years after the devastating blaze.
  • Nextbikes flattenedWind topples them like dominoes. No one picks them up.
  • Walking MoneyNo one challenges useless sidewalk upgrades – despite crap falling apart elsewhere.

Business & Other Hoboken Updates

Wake-up Quote of the Week:

unselfish for selfish reasons

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