Ruben Ramos Supports Anthony Romano


The countdown is on for the three-way winner-take-all Democratic primary for 5th District Hudson County Freeholder. Last week Hoboken411 offered every Hoboken City Council member the opportunity to send an endorsement letter of up to 250 words in support of the candidate of their choice. It was an honest and straightforward request, and Councilman-at-Large and Assemblyman Ruben Ramos was the first to respond in kind.

I present you with his endorsement for Anthony L. “Stick” Romano:

hoboken-ramos-romano-freeholder.jpg“Dear Editor,

On June 3rd, the residents of Hoboken and a section of Jersey City will be faced with a critical decision that is directly related to their representation at the County. In turn, I am encouraging you to vote for Anthony L. Romano for Hudson County Freeholder, as he continues to benefit us with numerous years of public service.

Specifically, Anthony has served the Hoboken Police Department for twenty seven years, where he now serves as Captain, just as he is a member of the Hoboken board of Education, the President of the Hoboken Babe Ruth Baseball League, and a former Committeeman.

Moreover, we must elect a candidate who will be diligent in serving the community and has a proven track record with regard to helping residents. Clearly, Anthony has helped a multitude of people and is excited by the prospect of solving challenges that rest ahead.

Through my experience in government, I am certain that Anthony is eminently qualified to serve as the nest Freeholder to represent Hoboken and a section of Jersey City.

On June 3rd, I encourage you to vote for Anthony L. Romano for Freeholder—ballot position 3C!


Ruben J. Ramos, Jr.


Hoboken411 thanks Ruben Ramos for sharing his endorsement. It should be noted that although they did not respond to the offer of free space to the largest audience in Hoboken for their endorsement letters, the names of council members Terry LaBruno, Nino Giacchi and Peter Cammarano were included in an ad that ran in this weekend’s paper listing politicians who have endorsed Romano. That ad also included the endorsement of Romano by Mayor David Roberts.

This is the first in a series.

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Stick gets sworn in and the County budget matches the amount of city of Hoboken’s budget! Romano officially sworn in, temporary budget approved A temporary Hudson County budget was approved and new Freeholder Anthony Romano was sworn in yesterday at a special meeting of the Hudson County Board of Freeholders. Romano ran unopposed in the Fifth District in November and replaced Maurice Fitzgibbons, who decided not to run. The swearing-in will be repeated at the county’s annual reorganization meeting in the freeholders chamber, 567 Pavonia Ave., Tuesday at 6 p.m. The special meeting was necessary to swear in Romano and his fellow county legislators – most of whom also ran unopposed – to allow a vote by the full Board of Freeholders on the $116.2 million temporary budget. Since last year’s budget expired yesterday, approval of the temporary measure was necessary so county workers could be paid. Submitting a permanent budget for 2009 is the responsibility of Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise. But like virtually every other county leader in the state, DeGise is waiting to see what cuts, increases or changes he will have to deal with when the governor and the state Legislature submit their budget. Other items on the special meeting agenda included a cash management plan and a vote to approve a contract, not exceeding $33,947.95, for the purchase and installation of new audio-visual equipment for the Hudson County Emergency Operation Center. The swearing-in Tuesday will likely take a back seat to the election of the… Read more »

[quote comment=”84686″]All hail the mighty Reformerus_Gianticus. Many, many good points here. Please allow me just a clarification or two,

[quote comment=”84658″]2) Frank ‘Pupie’ Raia

Built Shoprite with tiny unused park as open space. It’s cute but Hoboken needs ball-fields.[/quote]

Raia was told Hoboken needed more ball fields 8 years ago after Anthony Russo gave him the sweetheart deal on the Northwest Redevelopment Zone. Raia said he would consider building a ballfield on top of a parking garage he was also supposed to build. Today we have neither. We also don’t have the charter school building or community center he promised.

[quote comment=”84658″]Backed Kids first in 2006.[/quote]

Not exactly. Raia was not supporting the Kids First ticket. Don’t forget Theresa Burns and Jimmy Farina had Raia’s support last year.

Knowing Carmelo Garcia and company were going to withhold votes from Pupie’s ally Burns, Raia withheld votes for Maggie Porrata, helping the then unknown Tricia Snyder win the one-year seat. That was the extent of his support, which was driven by a vendetta, not a thirst for better government.

A year later, what Pupie giveth, Pupie also taketh away. Say hello to Phil DeFalco.[/quote]

Red Haven

By saying he backed Kids first in 2006 I meant to say he generally voted with them once they were elected but not necessarily campained for them. Sorry I wasn’t clear.

Good points on the Shoprite. It’s a great store but the developer again should have given back more in my opinion.


[quote comment=”84710″]I will show this whole CITY where our MILLIONS went that went to COUNTY $. Did the research and am waiting to see who gets the Title of Freeholder before I demonize what has gone before. Their newly decorated web site (this month) is missing a whole lot of information that they deleted in case there is an investigation by whoever wins…

GOT IT…and will SHOW it…anybody who wants a preview can see me, you know who I am and where I am…

the REAL reformer…[/quote]

So Margaret do you care to disclose who in your opinion is the best candidate of the three for Freeholder? Hoboken 411 readers want to know. 🙂

Red Haven
Red Haven

cdigg, your attack is transparent. If you are truly interested in the many ways Ines is looking to improve our government I suggest you check this site:

Nice endorsement letter from John Cunning on the front page. I’m glad to see that Ines continues to get support from the born-and-raised to build on her well-established reform credentials with newer residents.

Raia and Romano are two sides of the same coin. The only choice in this race for real change for the better is Ines.


[quote comment=”84658″]Both Frank and Ines are agressively campaigning but I hear that ‘The Stick’ is mostly sticking to his mailings (endorsements) and making appearances here or there.
3) Ines Garcia-Keim

The only true reformer on the ticket. To the anti reformer’s out there: If nothing is wrong with the County then how come Hoboken does not even get close to its fair share of money?[/quote]

How is Ines a reformer? She wants more spending? Is she going to fight to slash the county budget? Not based on her flyers…Hurray for tax increases