Why is Pier A Park sagging?

Pier A Park next on the list of Hoboken waterfront collapses {told ya so}

We’ve been telling you all – based on simple observations, that things were not right with Pier A Park in Hoboken.

don zimmer hoboken pier a park collapseThe city’s fake “mayor” don Zimmer, along with the fake contractors – as well as the fake governing unit (the Port Authority) always said it was fine. Now all those fakes want about the only thing that is REAL – and that is OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY to fix it. To the tune of nearly SIX MILLION DOLLARS!

Take a look at fake “mayor” Zimmer in this news clip. I mean c’mon – at least try to look like you’re a real mayor. A little makeup – and certainly some lip balm for those sickly, cracked lips would help sell the charade a little better.

God forbid this thing sinks into the Hudson when thousands of people are on it. That would certainly unleash a major league round of finger-pointing, that’s for sure!

Pier A Park Collapse Hoboken NJ

See our update from last year below…

What’s up with Pier A Park sagging?


Hoboken is no stranger to collapsing waterfront parks and roadways. From the road collapse uptown to Sinatra Park – it’s clear that there is reason for concern when it comes to any apparatus build over or near the Hudson River.

The city says their flagship Pier A Park is safe and sound. And has indeed “held up” even with big events like the Bob Dylan and Mumford & Sons concerts held there in recent years.

But just a casual look around, it’s evident that other aspects of the park appear to be sagging.

Is shifting and sagging masonry a sign of future trouble? Or is it all just superficial with no structural worries to be had?

Either way – the city ought to do something about these concerning signs. Even if they are just visual defects. It gives a bad impression that no one cares about them, or has any desire to maintain their integrity. Plus, those granite blocks are heavy. What about the children!?

Hoboken Pier A Park Sagging

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Monday, April 4, 2016 11:02 pm

The park is almost 20 years old and you, Hoboken411, are well aware that this current administration has done nothing to maintain the waterfront parks. There’s no mystery here. Instead of trying to blame it on design or construction, why don’t you look at the municipal budget and show the public that Zimmer has failed to perform necessary maintenance.
If you bought a house 20 years ago, and that house was hit by two pretty severe storms, and you failed to deal with settlement issues, you would be considered a fool. Why are you not putting the blame squarely where it belongs…on Zimmer and her cronies?

Monday, April 4, 2016 8:40 pm

Construction fraud. Or incompetence. Or both. Can’t be anything else.

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