NJ Lead Contamination Scare

What’s the Deal with the NJ Lead Contamination scare?

On the heels of the Lead Contamination Scare in Newark, New Jersey, state lawmakers may soon require that all schools test their water.

Hoboken Internet Radio’s Alice Stockton-Rossini sat down with Suez Water’s Communication Director Steven Goudsmith about a similar situation that happened in the Jersey City School District. They also talk about what state and federal regulations say about lead testing, the special “coating” inside pipes that protect from corrosion, and simple steps you can take to protect your own water from dangerously elevated lead levels.

Listen to the podcast here:

Wait a minute – Water quality is not rocket science!

lead poisoning - NJ Lead Contamination ScareWhat’s going on here exactly?

Companies like Suez (f.k.a. United Water) have been publicly disclosing the “contaminant” contents of the water they supply for a very long time, including lead.

What happens where the water ends up – is the responsibility of the customers.

Why do “lawmakers” in NJ feel the need to draft up “legislation?”

They do this every time there is some kind of “Faux pas” in the world. Something goes wrong, “let’s write more stupid laws!”

And even if such regulations, laws, instructions, decrees move forward – why just the schools? Why not ALL public properties with water? Parks, city halls, police headquarters, fire houses, etc.?

Speaking of schools, why PRIVATE schools too? What gives the right for the government to dictate what happens in schools not operated by the city? What next – they’ll come knocking on your apartment door too?

Either way – it really should be in everyone’s own interest to test their own water. Suez and other water companies have done their part to provide the clean water. The rest is up to you.

See a list of Frequently Asked Questions about lead in your drinking water here.

NJ Lead Contamination - NJ Lead Contamination Scare

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