Robots are stupid {they make dumb lists}

Robots are stupid (so are people that worship them)

If you’re on “social media,” you probably heard about this worthless story. If you’re not – here’s the deal:

Last week, a horrid online “magazine” called New Jersey Families – came out with their annual “ranking” of New Jersey’s Best Towns for Families.

They do this shit every year…

New Jersey Family Hoboken ranked dead last 2016

(See our article about how “database ranking” stories are utter B.S.!)

Anyway – Hoboken Ranked Dead Last in this “list” of towns (which somehow forgot to include all New Jersey municipalities). Yes, Hoboken was “ranked” last due to some stupid-ass “methodology” of statistics. Sure, Hoboken may in fact have the worst “mayor” and school system in NJ – but that doesn’t mean it’s not good for families. Especially families who love their iPads, and getting drunk without having to drive.

Hoboken Last Place but first in floodingSome millennial moron figured out an “objective” way to take random bits of “data” mined by robots – and form it into an orderly list for public consumption and debate.

The problem is – that the INDIVIDUAL was taken out of that equation.

Those are the same problems that come with making blanket laws for society. There is no one size fits all way to analyze subjective points. Like what is the “Best” flavor of ice cream? Or “best” store to shop at.

The bottom line is that EVERYONE should truly ignore those “ranking” lists. Have no emotional reaction to those poorly curated lists whatsoever. Maybe if people gave up being gullible – they would stop baiting people in (for their gain).

PS – amid “pressure,” that fucking lame website wrote a “positive” article about Hoboken in an attempt to redeem themselves. Which essentially contradicted their stupid-ass list. That in itself proves that database ranking should go away for good.

New Jersey Family Hoboken We Still Love You Bullshit

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They won’t be writing a love story about Camden or Irvington.