Rebuilding 300 Washington Street

300 Washington Street takes shape in Hoboken, NJ

Over four years since the devastating fire at 300 Washington Street – the rebuilding process has finally begun to pick up steam.

I mean four years? What in God’s name was the reason why it took so long to bring it back to life?

Progressive “environmental studies?”

Connected engineering firms?

Slow as molasses permits & inspections from the bobble-heads at city hall?

A Kickstarter fundraiser to pay off municipal fiefdom-grubbers and petty bureaucrats?

Either way – what ground-floor business should come next that won’t die six months after opening?

Nail salon? Real Estate office? Or something that Hoboken needs, like an upscale wine bar that caters to people older than 23?

rebuilding 300 washington street - Rebuilding 300 Washington Street

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