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The website for the Hudson County Board of Chosen Freeholders is pretty much on par with the Hoboken City website, but with less pictures and fluff. It doesn’t have much, really.


You want to know what they discuss at their meetings, and the nearly half a billion dollars worth of money to spend? You have bullet-proof vests, various repairs and purchases, plus upgrades to Hudson County parks, roads and traffic signals. NONE of which are in Hoboken, which gives them a huge chunk of money. Click here to download the PDF from last week’s meeting.

Hopefully, whomever wins the Freeholder Election on June 3rd, will ensure that Hoboken gets back on the map, and begins receiving more county aid.

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You won’t find much on the county web site, it was all updated a little over two weeks ago, including larger type, different pages, deleted stuff they did over the last seven years,and names that have been long gone from their “supporters” including our council members!

Good thing I started my research in April, and made copies…
I have a major complaint out of several with the old one and am waiting to see who wins this election so I can SPOUT…..
and maybe make a difference….

God Bless America!

ntableman: Hey Tableman, you can sit at my table anytime. Good idea to disband some of the COUNTY..but let’s get our BIG BUCKS for HOBOKEN first.. Among the things they “run” are Ellis Island and Columbus Park. If we take back the park in HOBOKEN where it is, and the big moolah they supposedly spend on it to upkeep it, we might get a huge chunk of change back. We have a parks crew and they already cut the grass and put the garbage bags and clean up in other parks. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen any county people doing just that. Not for years… As far as Ellis Island, millions were spent to renovate and improve it. I sent my whole families genealogy there and stories of how my father got here from Germany ( he was surprised that the captain was selling Chinese) “grafted” the Captain, was rerouted to Boston Harbor, (to sell the Chinese Slaves) and eventually, after six months of playing his beloved Violin that Neustadtt Pfalz, Germany gave him as a gift to come to America, in the “gin mills on the river” he made it to the Statue of Liberty! He slept on a crate of farm implements and starved most of the trip. I recorded the stories and sent them to Ellis Island, which they were collecting. (FREE)…there was no payment, and I haven’t been there to see the wall of immigrants pictures, but I have one here on the… Read more »

I would love to understand what the use for a county government is in a state where nearly every inch is part of an incorporated municipality! I can see the use in more rural states where there is no local government or in a somewhat similar case like NoVa. It just seems like another way for useless people to spend the money I have to go to work to earn everyday. It is time to think about dissolving county government around here or going the way of pan-municipal.