Bike Share BS

Why tolerate the Bike Share BS for one second?

zimmer bike share buffoon hoboken NJThis is what happens when GOVERNMENT gets involved with “personal transportation,” such as those stupid bike share programs.

Not sure you saw, but there is a battle going on between municipalities (Hoboken & Jersey City in this instance).

Jersey City is using Citibike – which was smart because it works in conjunction with the same program in NYC. Love it or hate it – it’s the smart decision to team up in order to make things cohesive.

Whatever the story you were told was – Hoboken pretty much screwed up and went with Nextbike. Which has all sorts of “compatibility” problems across the board. And now Jersey City made it illegal to park Hoboken bikes in Jersey City racks.

We could go on and on with the “he said, she said” about this moronic debacle. Or how “mayor” don Zimmer is a complete air-headed doofus. Or how we could “fix” this completely avoidable and unnecessary “problem.”

You allowed this crap to happen. Period.

So what? You might ask.

Well, this is exactly WHY government has no business getting involved with personal transportation.

There are so many fucking “rules” about everything – no one seems to grasp how maintaining this course is unsustainable. Rules about where you can park a bike. Rules about how you should ride your bike. Or what to put on your head.

If a company wants to put any kind of bike rack anywhere on a sidewalk they want – why should anyone stop them? (as long as it doesn’t truly “infringe” on your ability to walk past?)

It’s all about control – and hardly nothing about free-market / supply & demand. Nah. Everyone has to have their fingers in the pot in some capacity.

But a majority of you do not get it. And most likely never will. You’ll all argue about what you “should be allowed” to do. And will remain slaves. And you allow it because you are ignorant.

bike share bs in Hoboken NJ

Bike sharing – permanent slavery – no ownership

One last thing.

I’m not against the free market. If Citibike and Nextbike want to try their luck renting bikes out like that, by all means. It’d be great if they didn’t have to get in bed with the local politicians, that’s for sure. But that is the way it is for today (and probably forever).

But politics aside – let me remind you that becoming reliant on these fruity girly-mobiles is not a good idea.

You can justify the costs all you want (only a portion of people take advantage of it “fully” to get the best value), but OWNING your own bike is always a better option.

Like having to pay for “swiffer” refills, or costly “k-cup” pods – you will pay till you die! Don’t you see that?

Top 10 Reasons why you should own your own bike

Here are some of the top reasons why you should just “fugghedeabout” those socialist bike contraptions:

    own your own bike

  1. Pride in ownership.
  2. Responsibility to care for your property.
  3. Always available.
  4. No tracking of data.
  5. Minimal ongoing costs.
  6. Ability to customize to individual tastes.
  7. Can take with you wherever you please.
  8. No financial penalty for trip length.
  9. Your germs and grime – not someone else’s.
  10. The joy in saying “fuck you and your stupid ass pansy bikes, don zimmer!”

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First, what’s your deal with referring to Dawn Zimmer as “mayor”? Yes, not elected for her first term, she was next inline after the resignation of the previous mayor – that still makes her mayor. To boot, she was then elected outright in 2013. Move on dude…she’s the mayor. Onto the subject of your article. I’m in agreement that Citibike should have been the obvious choice for Hoboken. You make sexist comments regarding the shared bikes. How are they “girly” or “pansy bikes”? How old are you? You don’t like bike shares? Then don’t use them. For others, they’re a great way to use a bike without dealing with hassles of using a personal bike. For starters, when I use my own bike, I can not simply park it and walk away to shop, chill with friends, eat, etc. without having to first strip it down of its valuable parts. Why? My personal bike is expensive with easily removable parts that thieves surly would walk away with. That means taking away the seat, pump, utility bag, lights, trip computer. Now I’m stuck lugging that nonsense around else it be stolen. Then hope that the heavy chain lock that I also have to carry around will do the job of preventing theft while I’m away. Using my own bike for anything other than exercise is a hassle. Whereas none of those issues are relevant when using a shared bike. I can use it, park it and truly forget about it. Your… Read more »