Grubbs Take Away

Uhh – Grubbs Take Away {old Subway spot…}

As you can tell from my no-so-emphatic headline above, a place caled “Grubbs Take Away” is filling the spot left behind by the doomed “Jaret $5 Pedophile Sub” place formerly known as “Subway.”

Wow – this is one of those times I could care less what happens. Fire burns the place down. The business dies a month after opening, 10 people die of food poisoning, etc. (those were all fictitious ideas…)

Okay, let’s get real. A business with THUMANN’S Deli meat signs. Woah, Nelly! Like there are not 50 other places in Hoboken that DO NOT sell Thumann’s? Oh. Yeah.

There are like MANY places in Hoboken that sell Thumann’s.

So how will “Grubbs” differentiate themselves and make enough profit to stay open longer than a few pathetic months? Only YOU will tell, Hoboken – not us. We just make guesses. You put the pudding where your – uh – mouth is? Does that make sense?

Ssupport them or not. Grubbs is on the way!

Grubbs take away Hoboken NJ

Description: Some kind of deli that sells Thumann’s deli meat. I guess that is special.
Address: 418 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 0703
Phone: TBD – and for how long…?
Online: dot dot dot – for rent soon – dot – com ?

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