LAME Easter Egg Hunt

LAME Easter Egg Hunt in Hoboken – GET REAL!

Just like freakin’ “LAST PLACE TROPHIES,” the stupid “Easter Egg Hunts” in cities like Hoboken and across the country have become complete BULLSHIT!

Take a look at this Easter Egg “Hunt” over at Stevens Park yesterday.

A couple hundred eggs places IN PLAIN SIGHT on a fully open baseball field.

What kind of “hunt” is that?

Back in the day, we went to a CHURCH, and the eggs were truly HIDDEN from not only “plain sight,” you actually had to “hunt” for the eggs. They were often placed in locations that you had to dig into!

Tree branches, flower pots, underneath bricks, and in many places that required effort to find!

This is just another stupid degradation of humanity. “Let’s let everyone find an egg!!!”

Fuck all the parents that allow this garbage.

You’re not teaching your kids one single fucking lesson other than “you always win.” A special place in Hell is reserved for every mother and father that allows this bullshit to happen. Your child will be the one that kicks you to the underworld, quite frankly!

So why does “society” allow such rubbish to persist? What happened to strong-willed individuals? Where did they go? Wow!

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