Hoboken Week in Review – 5/25/2008


Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I thought 411 would have a huge slow down with the big holiday, but over thousands upon thousands of readers still came to the site yesterday… I was surprised!

Once again, here’s your weekly snapshot of the hot topics in and around the mile square.

Got something to say about Hoboken? Check this post out to find out what I’m looking for!


Here are the Top 10 articles published, bumped or re-treaded this week that had the hottest overall discussion in Hoboken!

Hottest topics of the week

  1. DUI trial PBA (pushed back again)
    The few of you that are left that still care about former councilman Chris Campos and his drunk driving trial will have to wait till June 19th!
  2. Don’t take our planned parks away!
    Residents fight back as hard as they can to prevent developers from nibbling away at our Master Plan.
  3. Lack of parking brings out the douchebags
    One prime example of how inconsiderate some fruitcakes are in Hoboken.
  4. Blowout Council Meeting
    Took long enough. The council (and the public) finally realizes the months of work on the City Budget was a humongous SHAM.
  5. Freeholder411
    Get the scoop on what’s going down with the Hudson County Freeholder election coming up June 3rd.
  6. Love the baby, hate the baby
    The sides were divided about the 7th Annual Hoboken Baby Parade. Me thinks it’s not for the kids, but for the parents EGO!
  7. Video-gamer gets pissed off at unskilled and low-paid retail workers
    Many thought this reader mail was painful to read… it generated lots of chatter nonetheless…
  8. In the hole because of rent penalties
    One uptown rental building has a reader on the hook for over 10 grand! Robbery, I say!
  9. Frank Raia’s classic birthday party
    I “bumped” a great video I made last year, and some political crack-heads think there’s some ulterior motive behind it. To hell with them!
  10. Kill the parking meters!
    One tool-bag smashes a parking meter with a sledgehammer. I have fun making photoshop parodies.



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