Hoboken water mains {failing}

Why are Hoboken water mains failing? (City tries to shift blame)

As you undoubtedly know – Hoboken has had a rash of water main breaks throughout the city over the past couple weeks.

While the risks increase as the weather changes, it certainly appears to be happening at a much more frequent pace than we’re used to.

Who is responsible to ensure the infrastructure is in proper working order? Has to budget the money to fix it? To stop spending money on bike lanes and fix what is most important?

The City of Hoboken is.

That said, the city recently tried diverting attention from their own lack of attention to a citywide matter, by either blaming United Water (Suez) or previous administrations.

When in fact, no matter who is in office, the infrastructure which is under city control – has to be cared for. Something our current “mayor” don Zimmer has obviously dropped the ball on. Big time.

Listen to the following Hoboken Podcast as Hoboken Internet Radio’s Alice Stockton-Rossi sat down with Steven Goudsmith, Communications Director of Suez Water (f.k.a. United Water) to find out what’s happening today, and what’s on tap for the future:

Hoboken Water Mains who is responsible

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