City website: Roberts Mug Tracker


Anyone that wastes their time schlepping to the Hoboken City Website has seen a fairly obvious transition over the past few months.

It appears that Mayor Dave Roberts has turned what is supposed to be an informative resource for residents into a “Davey’s MySpace Page.” Nothing but good news, ribbon cuttings, public photo-ops and so on. They’re using “high-tech” poor-quality animated .gif files for their slideshows, and overwhelm you with things that should essentially be on some other section of the site. Not that good news shouldn’t be reported, just be more professional about it!

hoboken roberts mug tracker city website hoboken411 - City website: Roberts Mug Tracker

One reader was bothered enough to send Hoboken411 an email, and inspired me to make the photo above:

Roberts smashes picture record on website

“Hey 411,

Every now and then I make a game of counting the number of Dave Roberts pictures on the city’s homepage.

I always thought it would be funny to create a graph that would track that number. The graph could be made of little Dave Robert heads.(411: thanks for the fun project idea!!)

Well anyway I do believe that the old record was SMASHED! this week with 35 pictures of Dave on the homepage. This includes all the slide shows.

WOW 35 pictures of Dave! Is there anyway the people of Hoboken can take back that site and actually make it useful and usable again?”

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Clearly the most useless city website on the planet.

Oh wait, I did learn that the transportation homeland alert level is LEVEL 4: ORANGE/HIGH. No more PATH for me, I’ll just swim across the Hudson this week…


You guys have quick eyes. I only counted 27 photos of da Mayor on the Home page (28 if I had counted the tip of his bald head in one Sinatra photo). But the other pages I counted 26 more photos, for my total of 53!

He’s sure making good $ use of our Hoboken taxpayer-paid PR photographer and webmaster.


I counted 38.


[quote comment=”84409″]K_S, that’s funny. LOL.

Who is it that puts the pictures up on the site? Does he have a PR person?[/quote]

Yes, good one Katie.

Pat Ricciardi, can you shed some light?