Hoboken Water Main Break of the Day {again}

What did I tell you? Another Hoboken Water Main Break!

If this happens one more time – the Hoboken Water Main Break of the Day will get it’s own official category here on Hoboken411.

Tonight’s “special” is a gushing water main break on Park Avenue and 7th Streets. Sides include overtime city employees, taxed Suez Water workers with a hint of raw sewage.

Like a reader commented earlier today – the longer you ignore infrastructure problems – the more trouble they will cause – and with higher frequency – and increased cost to everyone.

All this, while you have city “officials” (euphemism for “the a-hole that was deservedly picked on in school”) getting all giddy about progressive changes to Washington Street and bike lanes.

Suggestion for the next Mayoral candidate: the phrase “Getting Back to Basics” might be a good slogan for you to use. Sort of along the lines of “Make Hoboken Great Again,” but obviously more pragmatic.

Enjoy your infrastructure woes!

Hoboken Water Main Break Park Avenue

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