Taxi fare skippers and armed robbery


A couple interesting incidents on the Live Hoboken police and fire scanner this morning.

Armed Robbery 4th and Park

At around 1:52am, an armed robbery was reported on Park Ave. between 3rd and 4th Streets. A black male, 5’10” – 6′ in height, grey hoodie and ski mask, brandished a silver semi automatic handgun and robbed a silver Motorola cell phone from an individual. He also claimed he was going on some kind of “stick up” spree. No direction of flight The suspect was reported to have fled southbound on Park Ave.


Taxi Fare Skipping

At about 1:45am, a taxi-driver downtown reported three individuals that skipped on their cab fare. A few moments later, he flagged down another officer indicating that one of these three suspects may have left their cell phone in the back. Lesson? If you’re going to be stupid and cheat the driver, make sure you have all your identifiable possessions with you before you run off.


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[quote comment=”84436″]A pistol permit –are you for real???[/quote]

Surely you can’t be suggesting that this gentleman was
[b]not[/b] in possession of a valid NJ FOID and a triplicate Pistol purchase permit that was filed with a form 4473 via FFL and the State Police as per section 2C:58-3 of NJSP/ATF statute P 5300.5 (2005 − 26TH ED) PAGE 287.

Cause that would make him a REALLY bad boy.



A pistol permit –are you for real???


How could a guy like that get a pistol permit? 😯