Water main break of the day

Garden St. Water main break in Hoboken

Earlier this morning, yet another water main broke in Hoboken. This time on Garden Street between 1st and 2nd.

It was “only” a 6 inch main, and didn’t affect a lot of residents, but still.

At this rate, people will be asking about water main breaks as if they were the “soup of the day.”

I know breaks tend to happen as the weather warms up – but it seems like they’re occurring more often than I remember. One yesterday, a big one last week – when will the next one take place? Any bets?

garden street water main break hoboken nJ

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Deferred infrastructure replacement/maintenance cost grow exponentially w time. The repair, replacement and collateral damages are not sustainable through the budget. City Boards, Directors and Council who approved the ever increasing density have a huge role in the steep demise of the sewer system.