Families pulling out of Hoboken Schools

Why are families pulling out of Hoboken Schools?

You know, if you only had one “channel” for info in Hoboken – and that was from the city and supporters of the (current) administration, you would be led to believe that things are “great!” And that there are no problems in need of fixing.

Take a look at this article below from former Hoboken school administrator Dr. Anthony Petrosino – where he documents an interesting trend. It appears that (non-poverty) enrollment of kids in the Hoboken school system is vanishing before our very eyes.

Why would middle-class (and higher) parents choose to send their kids elsewhere if everything is so perfect?

Non Poverty Families Leaving Hoboken Schools Much Earlier,
District K-12 Enrollment Drops 24%


The 2015 “October 15th” report has been released. This report is also known as the ASSA report (Application for State School Aid).

ASSA report Hoboken NJ 2015

What is clear from the data is that the Kindergarten grade of the Hoboken School District is made up of 65% non-low income (middle and upper class) students for the school year 2015-16. Parents ARE choosing to send their children to the traditional public schools. But, the disaggregated data indicates that this percentage is almost flip-floped by 12th grade when only 22% of the grade is non-low income and 78% are low income students. In fact, most non_poverty families have left the school district by 4th grade. Also, look at the drop in enrollment (yellow bars) from 3rd (161 students) to 4th grade (79 students). The slight rise in secondary school (grades 9 to 12) comes largely from the 166 school choice students from Jersey City and surrounding cities not from Hoboken residents.

It might be advisable to examine some of the data a little more closely and examine not why are non-low income parents not enrolling in the Hoboken Public Schools (because they are)… but why are parents with some financial resources taking their children out of the district? Why are middle class parents not satisfied?

Data indicates that non_poverty families are leaving the Hoboken School District earlier and earlier and charter school enrollment does not indicate that the students leaving the Hoboken District are enrolling in Hoboken’s charter schools.

For instance, here is the 2010 data presented in the same format. Notice that the red (low income) and blue (non_poverty) lines intersect much earlier in 2015-16 than they did 5 years ago. Not only is the Hoboken School District losing their majority of middle class families, they are losing them earlier and earlier (notice where the red and blue lines intersect).

ASSA Hoboken percentage and enrollment

Here is the data presented in a slightly different way. Notice the mass exodus of non_poverty families leaving the Hoboken Public Schools between 2nd and 5th grades.

ASSA alternative chart

And as for enrollment…. the K-12 student enrollment in the Hoboken School District has plummeted nearly one quarter (23.51%) since 2010. As one can see form the chart below, grade level enrollment is down for every grade from kindergarten to 12th grade from 2010 to 2015 with significant drops during grades 1 to 7.

Also, keep in mind, there are 166 “choice” students in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 or the drops in those grades even more dramatic.

Hoboken School enrollment by grade

Hoboken school enrollment down under mayor zimmer

pulling out of hoboken schools

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Did Mr. Petrosino track their addresses along w enrollment? In the fifth ward a boat load of neighbors have moved out of Hoboken. It could be the enrollments have dropped secondary to parents being fed up with the administrations fraud.