Hoboken “pay by plate”

Not “pay to play,” but “pay by plate” in Hoboken now

Hoboken known for it’s “pay to play” political shenanigans – has announced an update to the dreaded parking meter racket they’re running. The Hoboken “pay by plate” system to purchase meter time for your car parked on the street.

See the release below.

But as expected – with the limited amount people actually think these days, the city COMPLETELY FAILED TO ADDRESS how this “refill” of time for this new meter system works with the “2 hour” and “4 hour” zones around town.

Especially if you move your car often (as you may shop and dine at many places in a day), how does the city “count” how much time you’ve been in a particular spot? Are those rules being suspended?

Press releases should NOT leave you with more questions than answers.

pay by plate parking hoboken NJ - Hoboken "pay by plate"

Hoboken Pay by Plate coming soon

“The City of Hoboken is beginning to transition existing on-street parking meters from a “pay-and-display” to “pay-by-plate” system. Under the new system, customers will be able to pay at any pay station in the city without needing to return to their vehicle to display the receipt.

In the months ahead, the new payment system will also allow customers the ability to “pay-by-phone” using a mobile application. Through “pay-by-phone,” customers will be able to pay for parking without going to a meter and add time to the meter directly from a mobile phone application or by calling without returning to the meter.

To purchase parking with the pay-by-plate system, customers will 1) Enter the vehicle license plate number and 2) Make payment via credit/debit card, smart card, coins, or bills (where available). There is no need to return to the vehicle to leave the receipt. The real-time paid/unpaid status will be visible to enforcement officers via tablet computers.

The transition to “pay-by-plate” will begin on Monday, March 21st with the meters located on Hudson Place. Parking Enforcement Officers will be stationed at the meters to educate drivers on the use of the meters. Additional blocks will transition to the new system in the following days and weeks.”

Note to tech-startups: Some kind of mobile-mounted close-range signal jammers could be in high demand at some point in the future!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016 3:09 pm

If it is like the other systems I have used (e.g., MobileNow is the one I use most), it will be a specific parking spot for a specific period, with the ability (maybe not implemented here in H) to add more time on an as needed basis. For instance, in the Hudson Station parking lot of Amtrak, I park my car, then enter the space number and the amount of time I want to park for, and it dings my CC, then about 15 minutes before that expires, the app asks me if I want to extend it. So enforcement drives around with some sort of plate reader that matches the space, the car and the payment state and there is no paper slip. You can’t move your car to a different spot unless you pay again (something I found out the hard way the first time I used the system). The system works without a smart phone but it is obviously designed to exploit them via the “app.”

Saturday, March 19, 2016 6:45 pm

I can imagine it could be used as an alibi. Doesn’t sound like your car needs to be in the vicinity to be charged.

Thursday, March 17, 2016 11:52 pm

So the city will be able to track residents’ cars. That’s not at all orwellian.

Thursday, March 17, 2016 11:27 pm

Cringed when I saw this. For anyone that thinks that some major glitch won’t screw this whole system up is on drugs.

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