Union Hall Hoboken

Union Hall Hoboken making progress {now hiring}

Update: Looks like Union Hall in Hoboken is making some pretty good progress down at the old Trinity site at 3rd & Sinatra.

Maybe they’ll be open in time for July 4th?

Either way – it’s amazing how a room or “box” with tables, chairs and counter tops can excite some people. Isn’t it the same old stuff over and over? Does hype make a mojito taste better?

In the long run, it’s the kind of clientele (luck of the draw) and staff (better be top notch!) that makes a bar / restaurant – the same way it doesn’t matter if your hair salon is wall-to-wall marble and your stylist sucks!

If you’re interested in a job there – email unionhallhobokenstaff@gmail.com with your qualifications. (And don’t lie!)

Union Hall Hoboken NJ now hiring 1 - Union Hall Hoboken

Union Hall Hoboken NJ now hiring 2 - Union Hall Hoboken

Union Hall Hoboken NJ now hiring 3 - Union Hall Hoboken

Union Hall Hoboken – 306 Sinatra Drive


Coming soon to the doomed Trinity Bar spot at 306 Sinatra Drive is Union Hall Hoboken.

Union Hall Hoboken is billing itself as a “Funky Gastropub.” Sounds trendy and cool, doesn’t it. It’s the modern-day euphemism for “bar / restaurant.”

Many people have asked us if this is related to the hipster Union Hall in Brooklyn. But it’s not. Totally different owners, just the name in common. I guess it brings up thoughts of socialism somehow?

Either way, good luck to the new proprietors of this space. Hopefully they can sell enough $15 burgers and $9 glasses of beer to make the rent and enjoy a nifty profit. At least the views are pretty good!

union hall hoboken - Union Hall Hoboken

Description: Union Hall – Bar Restaurant
Address: 306 Sinatra Drive, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201) 659-7074
Online: http://m.mainstreethub.com/unionhallTwitterFacebook

Union Hall Hoboken NJ 306 Sinatra Drive - Union Hall Hoboken

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