Progressive messages

Progressive messages {even about soup?}

campbell soup recipe changes - Progressive messagesThere was an article I read late last year in the liberal Seattle Times about Campbell Soup, and how it’s “evolving” these days.

The piece focuses on relatively new Campbell CEO Denise Morrison – and how the behemoth of a company is mixing things up to remain competitive in the soup market.

You know, changing consumer tastes, the drive for more natural and organic products, and so on. Campbell recently revised their original Chicken Noodle Soup recipe to reduce the number of ingredients by 33% (by removing garbage like MSG supposedly – and hopefully not some new unknown way to addict people to food…)

Sounds like typical challenges any business large or small has to contend with to remain viable.

Same Sex and Soup? Really?

However, one little section stood out in particular:

“There are 80 million millennials now, and they’re shopping and thinking differently about food, and, in a way, that is influential,” she said.

She said changes in the family are also challenging food companies. “Families now are multicultural, multigenerational, single parent, same sex, mixed and traditional,” Morrison said.

campbell chicken noodle ingredients progressive messages  - Progressive messagesWhy did that section stand out? Because it didn’t not elaborate how.

To me, I think it’s more of a hidden message to nudge public opinion (if that CEO actually said those things – for what purpose?)

Why mention the “traditional” family as only 1/6th of the picture? Isn’t the “traditional” family still by far the largest representation of what a “family” is in America?

Seems like they’re trying to water down the traditional family. The same way gay marriage dominates the news, when not even 2% of the population is gay.

Something wrong with that message. And just like their soup, I don’t buy it.

Get a slow cooker, and make your own. Much more rewarding!

progressive messages in campbell soup - Progressive messages

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016 12:52 pm

No Soup for You!

(couldn’t resist)

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