Propeller Festival {Update}

Propellerfest Hoboken in motion…

Well, the big day for “Propellerfest” has been going on since earlier this morning. It appears they had some issues with “security” at one point, as thousands were on lines stretching past the W Hotel. Wonder what the problem was? Was there are “terror tip” that someone would have an exploding drone or something?

Anyway – interesting mix of people at the inaugural event. It appears that 99.9% of the people were filming or performing status updates. I guess that was the intended clientele?

But it certainly is a perfect day to enjoy $12 pork sandwiches and $9 cups of beer, right?

Wonder if any of the “talks” they had have a permanent positive affect on anyone’s life? Like maybe they saved one life from certain suicide?

Look forward to what next year’s Propellerfest brings!

Propeller musical acts announced; plus save 50%

4/28/2016 Update:

Musical acts for the Propeller Festival were announced today. They have a 50% off tickets coupon code for the next 48 hours only: 50works.

The Naked and the Famous

Beatie Wolfe

And the Bell Labs Human Digital Orchestra.

Propeller Fest Hoboken Music The Naked and Famous

Update: Propeller Festival (full details!)

3/31/2016 Update:

Had a chance to sit down with the Propeller Festival organizer Aaron Price this week – and got all the details for you guys.

Propeller Fest Hoboken LIVE website

One – the Propeller Festival website has been fully updated with 99% of the details.

The “headline” musical act is still TBD, and the final list of speakers is still being filled out – but here’s the gist:

This is not your ordinary “festival” (say Hoboken Arts & Music, or even a “trade show” like they hold at the Javitz Center in NYC.) It’s more of an “organic” event that encompasses a combination of good things. The exchange of ideas. Inspirational talks. Networking. New products. And all the good that come from a true entrepreneurial spirit.

Yes, it’s mostly technology based, which does have it’s downsides quite honestly. But at the moment, this is “where it’s at” in the business world.

One, because it’s so rapidly changing (and often quite innovative). And two, because this is where a large chunk of the venture capital money is going. You can’t ignore that.

In speaking with Aaron, he admitted that a good majority of “startups” fail. But that is not a reason NOT to try. While you’re lucky to have a 1 in 1000 chance at best, the most important aspect is to keep trying and learning from your failures.

This will be a very interesting event indeed. And to correct a previous inaccurate assumption – it’s NOT a three-day event. Just a ONE day event: FRIDAY, MAY 20, 2016. Keep that in mind if you need to take off from work to attend. I feared that might impact turnout (especially if the weather turns out bad). But they already expect over 5,000 attendees. They’re “reserving” a rain date just in case potentially devastating weather is imminent. But as they say, “April showers bring May flowers!”

They have some cool speakers as well, including James Altucher (blogger, author) and Mark Lore ( founder), among other important industry leaders. Heck, even “mayor” don Zimmer will be on hand for a little while to amuse attendees.

Overall, it seems like this event can help further pave the way to make Hoboken (and surrounding areas) an even more solid hub for innovation in the years to come. We’ll see, depending on how this fares – there is the possibility it could turn into an all-weekend kind of event that draws people from all over the country!

Good luck, Aaron – and keep us up to date in the future!

Propeller Fest Schedule

Propeller Festival Hoboken, NJ – May 20, 2016


propeller festival Hoboken NJ may 20 2016Coming to Hoboken’s Pier A Park on Friday, May 20, 2016 (and presumably the entire weekend) is the Propeller Festival.

Created by Hoboken resident and NJ Tech Meetup founder Aaron Price – the Propeller Festival (Propeller Fest) is being billed as a “Music and Technology Experience.” TEDx-style talks, cool LED-lit displays, products, bands and so on…

They got the name “propeller” as a deviation of their M.O. “propel innovation. propel music. propel thought. propel you.”

From my observation, Aaron lives, breathes, eats and sleeps technology. And his upbeat enthusiasm and ability to unite people has fueled his success. He also is all about the “startup” generation – and feels that as a whole, this is the future of small businesses in the world. Technology + ideas + team work + taking action = the new business model.

He’s definitely got a good thing going. (He also helped launch the Mission 50 workspaces – shared office space in Hoboken).

But I have to offer some constructive criticism.

The curious thing about all the promotion I’ve seen for this Propeller Festival – is that nowhere is an explanation, history or summary of what it is exactly. And that is what I feel is the number one problem with technology and all this ultra-quick communication – you get stuck in own “ecosystem.”

Life is not all about social networks. Twatting and fakebooking should never be your number one avenue to disseminate or exchange information. It may work for you – but you’re forgetting that you’re excluding the MAJORITY of everyone else that isn’t in your ecosystem. The most basic things are entirely missing.

With all this new technology and hundreds of communication platforms – it showcases some of the downsides of such rapid outward expansion. You forget your roots – and the fundamental ways people exchange information. Don’t believe me? One clear example is how kids these days are completely INCAPABLE of making eye contact with another human. Sort of along those lines. What does that tell you?

So, Aaron: You should update the Propeller Festival page with a complete history, timeline, “who’s who,” a big “why?,” and more. It’ll help you. I promise!

Here’s a computer-rendered video of what they expect Propeller Festival to be like.

propeller festival Hoboken NJ tech may 20 2016

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Friday, May 20, 2016 4:19 pm

Marketing = professional liars. “thousands” were expected said their PR release the day before on So what were the ticket sales at $150.00 – I doubt 1000 people donated $150 dollars so the press release could be true. Troubling aspect is admin and its backers are mostly marketers. Hope dreams eternal, keep your dreams but PLEASE stick to the truth.

Thursday, April 28, 2016 2:15 pm

Mayor Roberts continues to provide an incubator for the arts at Symposia bookstore. Went this past Sunday and say some amazing dance, singing and spoken word. Best part is viewing is even more enjoyable amongst an audience of artsy talent.

Friday, April 1, 2016 10:56 am

Not worried about the lack of prelimary details. Aaron Price has a track record of high velocity speakers and content so I’m sure he wont disappoint. Can’t wait to see the lineup and experience the event live! How awesome that we can continue to put Hoboken on the map this way!

Thursday, March 17, 2016 11:17 pm

I’m going to check this event out. But I see the point about the vagueness of it all. Lots of general statements but no clear purpose. Maybe that is the way startups think. Throw stuff out there until something sticks, then understand your identity? Definitely not the old business model that is for sure.

Thursday, March 17, 2016 10:03 pm

So not a music festival? After that Americaramamamaaama show on the pier where the promoter either skimped on a crap PA that would only cover a 1/4 of the field, or the city crippled them with some insane decibel limit, I’m kind of over Pier A events.

Reply to  HomeTeam
Thursday, March 17, 2016 10:28 pm

@HomeTeam – correct, not a music festival. more like big thinking talks and exhibitors during the day and music at night. if you’re interested, give us a shot.

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