Millennials love to drive!

Yep – Millennials love to drive (so does everyone else!)

You constantly hear rubbish from mainstream media (MSM) about how people all over the world are sick of cars, and are clamoring for more socialized transport.

Such as stupid bike-sharing, more light rails, more ride-sharing apps like Uber, and more government-controlled bullshit. They especially focus on millennials. Everyone should live in tight-quarters, in a eco-conscious, bike-friendly, walkable city! Forget about going places by yourself without being tracked! No!

But, where is that information coming from?

Seems like they’re trying to coerce people into thinking that is the “trendy” thing to do – and EVERYONE should want that.

Well, apparently not. As millennial YouTuber grindall61 points out in yet another one of his rants: BIGGEST DEBUNK YET: THE MILLENNIAL LIE CAN NO LONGER CONTINUE AFTER THIS.

Always ask: “Cui bono?”

millennials love to drive - Millennials love to drive!

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