Hoboken Memorial Day Parade


The city is gearing up for the 2008 Memorial Day Parade today. I believe it starts around 7:00pm downtown by City Hall.

There are dozens of no parking signs up along Washington between 10th and 11th Streets, and a trailer in front of the Elks Club, where the parade ends.

I thought the city was having a budget crisis? Issues with broken cop cars & potholes in need of repair?

See last years photos here.


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Geez, has it already been 2 years since we had the timing-of-the-parade discussion? Feels like yesterday.

Not much has been said publicly about how the parade may tie up traffic this evening. I haven’t seen any alerts of any sort by anyone. This will affect people taking buses both uptown and downtown, I suspect.

It’s a nice parade, though. We’re planning on being there.


We honor our deceased family members and our military who gave their all!
The reason it is held early is that many family members do use the day off (Monday)
to go out to graves and hold memorial services in our respective churches and
houses of worship!
It has proven to be a show of support for those who are watching our country and
serving in other places.
I’m proud to be an AMERICAN, at least I know I’m free!
and I’ll NOT forget the brave who die,
who gave that right to me!
Margaret 😥


[quote comment=”83975″]The real memorial day is MAY31 not the 26th,it was changed for ‘convience” and now it weds. night. Next year run a contest of some sort and let the winner pick a memorial day. Remember the vets everyday not when it is convient.[/quote]

i actually think it’s May 30th.


Well said, BarefootBull
It was a terrific parade. I was happy to see so many along the way cheering the veterans. BTW, sunflowerlax, one of the busses were for some of the soaked Hoboken Marching Band, another for Hawthorne’s. Great job! You all sounded great! :mrgreen:


Nightmare for rush hour traffic. Why not just do it on MEMORIAL day like the rest of the country??