Government: Is it Ever Big Enough?

Government: Is it Ever Big Enough? {video}

A few weeks ago in a Hoboken411 post titled What is Sensitivity? we featured some excellent videos from one of our new favorite YouTube channels from Prager University.

There, we talked about the downright ridiculous nature of “political correctness” and “free speech.” They make great (and clearly communicated) videos that – if you were on the fence – and have half a brain, should be straightened out right away.

But sadly – that is most likely not the case.

In this video – they speak about the dangers of the ever-expanding entity known as ANY form of government – local, state and beyond – and ask “Is it ever big enough?”

“Can the government ever be too big? How much spending is enough spending? And if there can be too much spending, where is that point? William Voegeli, Senior Editor of the Claremont Review of Books, explores these complex questions and offers some clear answers.”

Obviously the people constantly getting FREE FUCKING HANDOUTS for not ONE STITCH OF WORK – are the ones that cannot grasp this concept.

God forbid they have to “exchange” something of value for their regular paychecks. They’d rather sit on the sofa watching bullshit TV while texting friends about it than actually contributing to society.

And those bastard politicians have no problem with it – as long as those mentally-enslaved morons continue to vote and keep the gravy train rolling at hypersonic speed.

Who will fix this problem? Or will it just implode and create chaos as history has given us plenty of examples of from the past?

What happened to pride? Jeez-frickin-Louise!

Is it ever big enough

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