Hoboken Bum Season 2016

Hoboken Bum Season 2016 gets off to early start

Due to our unseasonably warm weather as of late – it appears that the Hoboken Bum Season has gotten off to an early start.

This means that as the weather is more cooperative, you’ll see bums sprawled out wherever they feel like “calling home.”

In many instances – this means public parks and playgrounds. Like Pier C Park, Pier A Park, and almost anywhere along the waterfront.

What are we supposed to do with these guys anyway? With all the security cameras violating everyone’s privacy – it seems the bums have nothing to worry about.

I’d love to see “mayor” don Zimmer try and rustle these guys up without police backup. It’d be hilarious. They’d probably toss her into the water!

And here’s a prediction. If we go through any extended heat waves and dry spells this summer – I bet we’ll see another “shanty town fire” on the cliffs like from a few years ago.

Hoboken Bum Season has begun in 2016 - Hoboken Bum Season 2016

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016 4:47 pm

Why don’t any of these guys go for a Midnight swim instead of drunk Commodities Traders? Problem solved!

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