Parking Meter SCAM!

Hoboken resident sucked into Parking Meter SCAM!

You know those CRIMINAL robotic parking meters around town?

Besides being a total cash COW for the city (which pours millions into city coffers to fund platinum health-benefits for worthless politicians), these things are inconvenient as well.

You have to park your car – then walk to the meter, then walk back to your car to put that stupid parking stub on your dashboard.

And depending on your luck – you might find yourself in a situation one Hoboken resident found himself in last week – where HE GOT TICKETED WHILE PUTTING MONEY IN THE METER!

How fucked up is that? See his story below. What a bunch of crap that is.

parking meter scam hoboken NJ - Parking Meter SCAM!

Ticketed while paying the meter in Hoboken

“I went to dinner at East LA.

I park the car, and then walk over to the meter and there is someone ahead of me. I wait a few seconds until they are done and I also had a couple behind me waiting to use the meter.

In total it took 2 – 3 minutes to walk to the meter pay and walk back to car.

As I am walking to car I see the PEO attendant I yell to him “I am right here I was paying the meter I literately parked a couple minutes ago.”

He tells me he already wrote the ticket and there is nothing he can do.

I asked him if he bothered to look toward the meter and see people standing there, and he brushed me off telling me to go city hall that someone is there until 10pm.

I then call HPU and speak to a supervisor named Eric and he told me the Officer already called him to warn him I will be calling in that he stated no one was at the meter.

So its basically my word against his so I will have to take it to court but, the time of the ticket and receipt are the same so his story of there was no one at the meter is a blatant lie to cover himself.

What is the point of a multi-meter if you’re at risk the second you step out of your car to pay?

Reverse fines should be handed out to City of Hoboken

Next person running for “mayor” would score BIG POINTS with residents if they brought back ACCOUNTABILITY.

You know how harmless party-goers get $2,000 fines for having a cup of warm beer on St. Patrick’s Day? Excessive, right? They didn’t even harm, hassle or inconvenience ANYONE for enjoying a cup of booze in public.

Well, the SAME should be dealt back to the city.

If a parking officer hassles, inconveniences and inaccurately issues parking tickets – the reward to the victimized visitor or resident should be 100x what the original parking ticket was.

In his case, he should get $3,000 restitution for the bullshit he had to endure. The fine should be deducted evenly across everyone’s paycheck at City Hall as well (instead of additional property taxpayer money being spent beyond what is already being pissed down the drain).

Maybe then taxpayer-funding city employees will start thinking about their actions instead of acting like total inconsiderate assholes. They seem to forget their real titles are “public fucking servants!”


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Saturday, March 19, 2016 10:04 am

Here is another good one – the Admin would like you to validate their incompetence by waiving the “clerical errors” of the parking utility. Upon renewal you have to sign a waiver making you responsible for all parking tickets and tow fees even when the Admin is in error. Remember the Star Ledger Bamboozled report where the City added an extra $20 for every tow and then called it a “clerical error”?

Saturday, March 19, 2016 5:37 am

This is just another example of how the Zimmer Administration screws everyone. It will continue to happen until the voters and the business community stand up to these bullies and tell them that ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!!
Has nobody noticed the drop in patronage at local businesses? Have you failed to see the increasing number of vacant storefronts on Washington St.?
Zimmer is destroying the fabric of this community and we are all responsible for letting it happen by remaining silent.
The Hoboken myth, fun town, safe community etc, is starting to be exposed each time Zimmer and her cronies concoct a new way to steal our money.

Thursday, March 17, 2016 10:50 am

Parking Utility fraud through bogus tickets is budgeted for!

Thursday, March 17, 2016 12:50 pm

He should go to area businesses and ask for their security footage. With time stamps of video / parking ticket / meter receipt, this case would be open and shut. Would be some effort, but worth it to prove how the city rips off residents and visitors.

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