Hoboken City Council Meeting

Hoboken City Council Meeting of March 16, 2016

Inspect Hoboken City Council meeting documents below – and click here at 7:00pm to watch live video stream.

A few items of note for tonight’s meeting:

  • The city is once again having trouble staying within budgetary limits (even though we had an easy winter!)
  • $25 grand for a “boat house” engineer – when water mains are busting all over town.
  • Still 9/11 memorial expenses. This time to the tune of close to $100 grand.

And “mayor” don Zimmer announced that she would like YOU the property taxpayers to continue paying her salary (and platinum family health benefits) for another four years (that would make a total of 14 years on public payroll.) Meanwhile – she never delivered ANY of the annual property tax “cuts” she promised when you foolishly first voted her into office. Why do you keep making that mistake?

Hoboken City Council Meeting March 16 NJ

Hoboken City Council Documents for March 16, 2016

Click to view documents below.

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