# Hashtag what?

# Hashtag what {do you see?}

The Hashtag. Hate ’em. Quite possibly the biggest blunder ever made in the name of human communication.

Today, complete idiots send out “tweets” with NOTHING BUT HASHTAGS. What exactly did they accomplish? Nothing, except further dumbing down those who even dared to read them.

And even worse now – people say OUT LOUD stupid shit like, “Hashtag lovin’ it!” or other shit demonstrated in those moronic Hefty commercials we mentioned a while ago.

Not cute. Not funny. Not useful.

What supposedly started out as a way to “group” messages on that horrible medium called Twitter, it’s been abused to the point of counter-useful. People just use them for “emphasis,” as if that even is effective.

Hashtag what Hoboken NJ blue skies or chemtrails - # Hashtag what?

But now even jets are creating hashtags! What the fuck?

In the picture above, I noticed this collection of jet “exhaust” the other day.

And to the millennial – perhaps one of two things might have come to mind:

“Hashtag Blue Skies” (as they took a similar picture – but instead sent it to their list…) or,

“Hashtag chemtrails!”

It’s a frickin’ shame that I even thought about “hashtags” myself (or even have used them in the past!) I wish there was a way to “undo” this whole thing so it never happens again.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016 12:27 am

I have a few friends that are on social media all the time. My wife and I poke fun at them every time we see them. We even refer to them as HASH FAGS to their faces. Does not seem to bother them one bit. Talk about addiction!

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