What you like to do!

Doing what you like to do {can kill you!}

Today’s Hoboken411 editorial is about doing what you like to do – and the risks involved.

Let’s examine a few “things” that people like to do. It’ll cover a wide spectrum. What do you like to do?

    what you like to do in Hoboken NJ and beyond - What you like to do!
  1. I like to base-jump
  2. I like to drive my car fast
  3. I like to smoke cigarettes
  4. I like social media and am on it non-stop
  5. I like dressing sexy so others dig me
  6. I like showing off my expensive stuff
  7. I like drinking alcohol often and to excess
  8. I like sleeping around & bragging about it
  9. I like preparing for the worst
  10. I like joining “protests” against things
  11. I like being healthy and protecting my future

Yep. This is just 11 random things that came to mind – literally off the top of my head. Stuff people “like” to do. For whatever reason. Does it sound right?

Let’s examine some possible outcomes to each “like.”

What are the risks involved with “doing what you like to do?”

“I like to base-jump.”
I like to base jump - What you like to do!A lot of people have now become into base-jumping. The risks are fairly high, depending on how far you take your addiction.

The minute people start over-reaching their capabilities based on their egotistical endeavors, the greater risk of dying a sudden death are.

The risk of dying (based on some statistics) for base-jumping is like 1 in 60!

“I like to drive my car fast!”
I like to drive my car fast - What you like to do!Most people own utilitarian vehicles. They get them from point A to point B. Some more luxurious than others.

Many others buy cars that are a bit too powerful for today’s roads. They like to “push the limits” and drive like nut-jobs.

The more time you spend on “the road,” the better your odds go up that you will crash, get injured or die. Stats suggest that 1 in 6,700 people will die in a vehicular mishap.

“I like to smoke cigarettes”
I like to smoke cigarettes - What you like to do!Smoking is a choice. Not so much after you’ve had your first few smokes as a kid, but who needs to know that?

Cigarette smoking is considered “pleasurable” for only the smokers out there. It is hell for everyone else, except the government, who loves that we still have smokers (to the tune of billions of dollars in sales tax revenue, but I digress…)

They say that smoking kills half the people before they reach 70. But I’ve known some smokers reach the late 90’s – even over 100. It is what it is.

“I like social media and am on it non-stop”
I like social media - What you like to do!Apparently “social media” is driving people nuts.

The non-stop information is causing brains to malfunction. From ego-deflating comments, to watching ex-girlfriends suck the semen out of small towns across the country – it’s driving people mad.

Social media has been to blame for countless deaths and injury as it’s presence grows beyond sensibility. Expect it to get worse before it gets better.

“I like dressing sexy so others dig me”
I like dressing sexy - What you like to do!Thanks to Hollywood and other nefarious outlets – most barely-bangable broads (“Three B’s”) feel they have to whore themselves out in order to have any value in this world. Forget about how to maintain a clean household or know how to read and follow a recipe – no.

Most just want to be “sexy” like their fake idols they admire elsewhere. Music. TV. Movies. Etcetera. They get sucked in, and have to mimic.

What happens next? They get assaulted, raped or murdered by either half-witted Americans – or worse, horn-dog foreigners who haven’t seen “sexy” in real life their entire existence. Houston, we have a major fucking problem.

“I like showing off my expensive stuff”
I like showing off - What you like to do!Sad. Much of what “we’ve” become as a society is related to what possessions we have. “Stuff.”

Yeah, your worth nowadays is benchmarked against what useless garbage you have. At least in most parts of the country. A new iPhone 6sPlus and a 2016 model year car – you can have what you want (for a while).

But you’ve heard countless tragic stories of how people have been killed or maimed because of the “bling” they have on them. I’m sure the official statistics don’t tell the real story.


“I like drinking alcohol often and to excess”
I like drinking alcohol - What you like to do!This is almost a pledge of allegience in Hoboken. There is no limit to alcohol consumption these days. With the risk of litigation – no company will dare challenge a perpetually late employee (especially if it’s due to alcohol abuse). Nothing but costly lawsuits left and right.

But the number of people drowning their livers out in Hoboken seems to have reached an apex.

Yes, Hoboken has always been a “liquid” town, but it is apparent something has changed. More completely inept people stumbling around than ever!

And the related crimes has certainly gone up.

“I like sleeping around and bragging to my friends”
I like sleeping around - What you like to do!Here’s another bad thing. Chicks these days are not selective. They’ll sleep with anyone if it meets their selfish desires.

Even if it’s not “perfect” they’ll still spread their legs. And this has led to many rapes from people not born in America.

But sadly evident based on what is happening in Europe – even wearing a tank-top will get you bludgeoned if you’re a woman. Not far behind is not wearing fabric over your head. That’s coming soon…

Be careful!

“I like preparing for the worst”
I like preparing - What you like to do!There are many “preppers” out there these days.

Some think that having a year or two of shelf-stable food is good enough. Most don’t realize a LOT is involved if you really want a “prepared” future.

The amateur prepper will run into many issues, where as the seasoned prepper will be well, uh, prepared.

“I like joining “protests” against things”
I like protesting - What you like to do!The worst of the worst.

If you’re one of these so-called “activists” you ought to vet out the organizations before you dive head-first into the deep end of stupidity.

Hate to break it to you, but 99.9% of all protests are organized by political action groups (or similar). They’re fake.

Walk away today while you still can!

“I like being healthy and protecting my future”
I like being healthy - What you like to do!Lastly (and this may overlap others before) – but there millions of folks who are now “aware” and trying to eat the best food on earth.

But the sad thing is – that MOST of the information that has “swirled around” humanity over the past few decades – has been outright false!

  • The food fucking “pyramid” (God help us)
  • The “Low Fat” trend that created one of the most obese nations on Earth!
  • “Energy in vs. energy out!”

Much of this “pseudo-science” has been debunked beyond belief. Yet a mere FRACTION of society can comprehend what is going on.

Cui Bono? Who benefits from the misinformation (along with tasty, addictive CRAP they peddle at a super cheap price?)

If you follow what “they” say – your odds of dying an early death are higher than all these risky behaviors!

Unless, of course, if you ingest their “life-saving” pharmaceuticals that will keep you alive decades longer so they can keep siphoning hard-earned money from you and your family.

Live at your own risk, people!

(As one of my favorite websites says: “On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.”)

what you like to do will kill you eventually - What you like to do!

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I’m fully in agreement with the fact that no one should ever show off anything they own. It is a recipe for disaster! Keep you possessions to yourself! Simple.