Sidewalk hell

Sidewalk changes in Hoboken – an added cost for everyone

Nanny State Hoboken - Sidewalk hellYou might have noticed all the “changes” taking place to many sidewalks and street corners in Hoboken as of late.

You ever wonder how these trends get going? And how they even get support from the citizens?

What ever happened to being aware of your surroundings, and taking precautions when you travel by foot?

Now the city is forcing all these modernized updates to the sidewalks. Besides handicapped ramps, they will most likely have those super-slippery rubber pads which are supposed to provide grip.

Can’t wait till someone at city hall slips and falls on one of those and busts their noggin. Me? I avoid them every single time. Anyone that loses their footing just once, should report it to city hall (and email Hoboken411 as well).

Instead of “Keeping Things Simple” (as every public entity should), they add layer upon layer of expensive crap at everyone else’s expense. Just another thing to maintain in perpetuity.

Keep allowing stuff like this to happen, and before you know it – someone will be monitoring what you eat and drink inside your own home.

sidewalk modifications in Hoboken NJ - Sidewalk hell

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Calling BS on an ADA rational as the elderly and siabled are prematurely shut-ins due to the bikes, razors and other extreme sports that prevent safe passage on side walks. This build outis about the necessity the admin feels in taking money from the state without regard to safety or outcomes.


In many cases “modern” means better. Since the sidewalks were originally poured, better designs from other cities have been implemented. I don’t see why we can’t want and get the very best for our the town. Holding back progress to keep things “simple” will only hurt Hoboken.

Can you honestly say that you are not in favor of wheelchair ramps that aid the less able in getting around? Who’s against making it easier for our senior citizens and wheelchair bound residents to get around? Because I read that in a single sentence you were against the ramps and the non-slip grip pads. That’s messed up.


Won’t stop pedestrians from looking at their status updates and walking into traffic.