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The wrong things go viral in 2016 {mostly}

The phrase “go viral” (or “going viral,” “went viral”) may seem like a euphemism in the 2010’s for “super popular,” however, things have gone “viral” since the dawn of man.

The first thing that comes to mind (besides “fire”) is religion.

You have a handful of major religions, which during earlier times of mankind – did indeed go viral. Christianity, Catholicism, Islam, Buddhism, etc. Those “mindsets” traversed humanity in a viral manner – even though it would be considered slow by today’s standards.

The same goes for farming, security (locks), shelter (roofs), and much more – from way back in a more meaningful time…

viral similarities between religions and social media - Go Viral

Viral ideas & concepts – what are they exactly?

As we just mentioned religion – it is what we feel is one of the “planetary elders” of viral outcomes for human beings.

It supposedly solved the age-old question of “why are we here,” or “what does this existence mean exactly?” It’s one of the human traits that might actually cause more harm than good – the ability to ask “why?”

Additionally – these viral religious “solutions” also supposedly solve that problem. They give people comfort. An outlet. A purpose. (For their own good or the benefit of others is open for debate, of course.)

Which (we feel) is also the reason we have such a morbid state of death and destruction on this planet. The asinine conflict between these so-called beliefs is astounding. 100’s of millions of human beings have perished because of those beliefs. The camp you chose to associate with eventually led to your gruesome death. What the fuck?

So “groupthink” and tribe-based thinking doesn’t always work out – especially on a grand scale. So what do you do?

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Viral in the new millennium – totally fragmented

I briefly looked at this list on TVguide.com – about the top 15 YouTube earners. You know, the ones that make “viral” videos. For whatever reason.

Shit, there were even some little kids raking in multi-millions per year (with help from their parents of course). And you’ll get a million copy-cats that won’t make more than a dollar a day by mimicking them. Can’t blame them for trying. (Hint: Always be first or second on a new trend to capitalize – but remember it won’t last forever…)

But the viral nature of “what is popular today” might not be popular tomorrow.

High-speed communication has it’s downsides…

People say too much - Go ViralNow that we’ve fully immersed ourselves in the “digital” life – I wonder how many people acknowledge the delicacy of such an environment.

Especially with social interaction. Not only are people exposed to the “work” of the so-called “creator” of whatever it may be (blog post, video, update, etc.), but they’re also exposed to the social commentary (or feedback if you will) as well.

Which is why many (if not most) “Mainstream” (MSM) publications have begun REMOVING user comments from their articles. WOW.

They have realized that the “populous” is against them. They don’t agree with the propaganda. And they fight back – but “lo behold” they get “cut off.”

Double-edged sword. Because as those free-willed people will find a better (more agreeable) outlet to share their views. And those “MSM” bullshit forums will fall by the wayside. I cannot wait for the day to see the “big networks” just GO AWAY..

But attention-spans are dwindling! What now?

i dont want to hear it GIF 16 - Go ViralMy sub-heading above is about attention-spans. And it’s a real subject we should all examine – even about ourselves.

How people who make essentially useless videos about crap – can succeed and garner millions of “followers” is mind-boggling.

Yet this EPIC (very important) video about the state of “education” in America (and around the world) from John Taylor-Gatto gets a mere fraction of the exposure (barely over 5,000 views…) WHY IS THAT?

Wouldn’t you think a topic about a fundamental FLAW in society (as well as those that try to control everyone) would become the MOST VIRAL video in the world?

Well – if you’re suggesting that those in “control” of the video dissemination play a role in that – you’re probably partially right. The fact that it’s closer to five hours long (despite it’s treasure trove of knowledge – might also play a role…)

YouTube and other video providers might not necessarily publish “accurate” information about how “viewed” a video may be. I’ve seen this quite profoundly on other channels. Where their view-count (usually under 500) is less than the number of comments posted. How is that possible without manipulation?

But if they are in “control” of anything – don’t you think they’d try to squelch what they don’t believe in?

What is viral today – really is not good for humanity…

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Most important!

Sure – if you had to find a “good” point about viral video today – you can say that it “bonds” people in some fashion, so they can say “yeah, I saw that.. and so on…”

But it’s not good for humanity to “gather around” viral videos that don’t offer us an alternative to the world. If it’s just entertainment and other rubbish – it’s exactly what they WANT us to be consumed by.

It’s shallow – and even if it comes across as “spiritual” in some way, you know it doesn’t mean much in the long-run.

If “viral” video was really REAL – it would share the fact that “WE” outnumber “THEM.” And that you don’t have to “take” anything “they” dole out. That is what the “viral” videos should be portraying. But those are far and few between, and often criticized beyond belief.

I just think it is a shame that more educational videos don’t get the forefront of “viral” spreading. It’s just the shitty garbage that makes it to our “screens of death.” Despite there being gobs of free intelligence out there – you just seem to get the trash. Without thinking twice about any of it…

Summary: Not very much worthwhile goes “viral” in 2016. You can miss every single “viral” event – and probably be better off. Invest time and energy in either truth-revealing pieces about history – or learn a skill that will be helpful in the future (psst, not technology!)

SUPER BOTTOM LINE: “Going Viral” means much less to society in general than it means to marketing departments and bank accounts that don’t belong to you!

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