Why no Hoboken Garden Center?

Hoboken Garden Center – why not?

Why no hoboken garden centerYou ever wonder why there isn’t a Hoboken Garden Center – like the 14th Street Garden Center over in Jersey City?

Are the rents too high? Spaces too small?

Does no one want to try it because of the competition from places like Home Depot? Is the one in Jersey City considered “in Hoboken” enough already?

Don’t know – but it’d be kind of nice to have a place within town (maybe on the north side) that can provide the necessary supplies for folks that like to dabble in horticulture.

Plus, you could combine that with some of the unique aspects specifically related to “urban” backyards and balconies found in Hoboken. Custom-tailor it to the “city gardens.”

Regardless – if you really want to do it right – you’d have to build a massive place like The Farm at Green Village which we like to visit every year. And no way that would ever happen in the Mile Square – because places like Green Village are 5% of the area of Hoboken!

So would a smaller place work in Hoboken or not?

Hoboken Garden Center why not

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