Parking entitlement

Jersey City “official” suffers from parking entitlement in Hoboken

We’ve pointed this out a million times already – but we still feel the need to keep the fire lit. The parking hypocrisy is never ending in Hoboken.

Parking “zones” were created with one single objective – for safety reasons. Yellow zones on the corners are not meant for deliveries, lunch breaks or coffee pit stops. They’re implemented to maintain clear visibility for both pedestrians and drivers.

The only time these spots should be used, is for emergency use – and not without traffic control.

All other uses are “technically” illegal, and come complete with summons for the “regular” residents and visitors of this city. You get punished for violated the decreed rules.

However, it happens all the time that some “official” vehicle from some municipality (like a cop car, or other property taxpayer funded car) blatantly parks in these forbidden zones with no enforcement ever. Like the PEO’s and cops somehow respect that it’s okay for some to be above the law and not others. That pretty much invalidates the reason for having these zones.

One Hoboken411 reader spotted this “official business” vehicle from neighboring Jersey City making Hoboken’s streets unsafe.

Jersey City Parking offender Hoboken NJ - Parking entitlement

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