BoE Meeting: 5/20/2008


Hoboken Board of Education meeting tonight

hoboken board of education agenda small may 20 2008 - BoE Meeting: 5/20/2008
The Hoboken Board of Education meets tonight for the first regular meeting since the heated reorganization earlier this month. That meeting got ugly at times, as both sides took issue with campaign literature offered during the election. The Parents for Progressive Education slate led by Carmelo Garcia and Frank Raia took issue with the way Kids First described the budget process. Kids First took issue with the way PPE sent out a flier saying all the other candidates in the race were “obviously enemies of the Latino community”.

Despite calls for a public apology for it’s race baiting message, the PPE candidates themselves refuse to say anything about it publicly. Things got heated more than once, with new board President Frances “Bubbles” Rhodes-Kearns at times shouting down members of the board and audience. Adding to the controversy is the fact that the political consultant widely believed to be the author of the mailer is up for a $75,000 school district public relations contract.

Click to enlarge the typical vague agenda that we’ve come to be used to from the Board of Ed, which spends one third of the money taken from you in your property tax bill.

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