Hoboken Pizzeria

Hoboken Pizzeria gets an identity {Kazaam! Boom! Pow!}

Quick update here – the Hoboken Pizzeria taking the reigns over at 8th & Jefferson got what you could call an “identity.”

A color scheme of yellow and brown – along with an almost cartoon-like sign over a green background.

Wonder how that was made (by hand maybe?) and what the thought-process was behind it.

Like or hate the font – it passes the readability test – which is one of the most often over-looked flaws that some businesses make. So they have made some one good decision so far.

We’ll find out if they pass the pizza taste test, customer service test, value test, and consistency test after they open.

Hoboken Pizzeria Progress June 2016 - Hoboken Pizzeria

Hoboken Pizzeria – 732 Jefferson St. – Coming Soon

March 2016:

Soon taking place of the doomed Blowout Zone over at 8th & Jefferson is: Hoboken Pizzeria. The interior is getting gutted as we speak.

This will apparently be a “brick oven style” pizza establishment (which if my memory serves me correctly – is usually the tastiest crust of them all).

Like most operations which desire to do business in Hoboken – they were held up for months by the city due to “permit” issues.

You ever wonder about any of that? Why in God’s name does the city have “power” to rule over independent entrepreneurs? They can’t even manage garbage cans or snow plowing, and you’re going to give them control over what a businessman wants to do? I can think of plenty of places which failed because they were “held up” by the city (while bleeding money!) I can understand holding people to standards – but at least do it in an expeditious manner – and not via slow-crawling “gubbmint red tape.” But I digress…

We feel this is a particular spot is good location for a pizza establishment (provided it’s halfway decent). The pizza places nearby are Panello over at the Monroe Center two blocks away, Delfino’s (currently under renovation) at 5th & Jefferson or Rosario’s at 10th & Willow.

Remember the days when Hoboken only had one brick-oven pizza place? Now it’s over six.

Hoboken Pizzeria Brick Oven - Hoboken Pizzeria

Hoboken Pizzeria 732 Jefferson Street - Hoboken Pizzeria

Description: Hoboken Pizzeria. “Brick oven” type pizza place. Even malls have brick-oven pizza places. Jumped the shark.
Address: 732 Jefferson St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Online: TBD

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Monday, June 27, 2016 12:01 pm

Wouldn’t the sign be better read HOBOKEN (on top) PIZZERIA? or just plain HOBOKEN PIZZA

Tuesday, March 8, 2016 12:14 pm

Hopefully this place is good and open at lunch, Panellos is not that great and with Delfinos closed West side pizza options are limited especially at lunch time. I hope the mass construction next door does not affect them It may be “brick dust” oven pizza with the demo and building going on next door.

Monday, March 7, 2016 2:38 pm

Why do we have permits for construction? Let’s start with something like this

Why do we have permits specifically for places that serve food? How about this?

Reply to  briank
Friday, July 1, 2016 3:43 pm

The issue is not why do we have permits. The issue is why is the process so torturous. Singapore has permits but you do not have to wait months for them or spend 100k for a variance. The current system protects incumbent businesses, stifles innovation, and adds cost to every meal.

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