Drinking Lemmings

Hoboken Organized Drinking Day 2016

It’s not St. Patrick’s Day. There is no parade. No cultural event happening. Yet, thousands have gathered in Hoboken with one common denominator: Numb the senses via mass consumption of alcohol.

Oh, and 99.9% of the people out drinking will all make at least ONE free “blog post” on their social media account with no compensation whatsoever. Zuckerfraud laughing as he lights cigars with 100-dollar bills.

The early scene doesn’t appear so bad today. But preparations have been made.

Extra police presence, “big brother” cameras watching all the people (probably zooming in on the hot girls – someone should OPRA the footage to see what those perverts are up to).

Also, 4th street was cleared of cars on one side, so the ambulances can reach mach speed as they schlep the lightweights to the emergency room.

Tomorrow, I’m sure there will be tons of quality stories of people recounting how “epic” this day was for them. Best ever.

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This was perhaps the most disgusting “Leprecon” event yet. Not because of the behavior of the young people who buy into the ridiculous Hoboken hype, but because of the massive amounts of police presence. I have never seen such an overreaction in my life!!!
Taxpayers are going to be footing the bill for this huge display of force.
What I find to be more disconcerting is how the City Administration goes to great lengths to hide the number of crimes that are committed in Hoboken each day with absolutely no response from ! Police Plaza!
People are being murdered, mugged and robbed and, if we’re lucky, there are 10 cops working.
I’m not worried about a few drunken kids, but i am worried about the whitewashed news articles that NEVER mention the amount of crime in Hoboken,