Hoboken Filth: Why?

Why is there so much filth in Hoboken?

Are people in Hoboken such rabid consumers that create so much trash it’s bordering on “unsustainable?”

It seems that folks hate their own garbage so much, that they take their personal bags of trash, and schlep them to one of the public refuse bins. Do they not have their OWN cans in or near their apartments? What would be the cause of such an ugly scene of filth? And why keep piling on?

Filth in Hoboken as garbage lines the streets

Garbage haulers don’t always help either

And then you have the garbage men, who the city pays heftily.

You ever see them pick up the trash? They toss the cans around like orangutans, care not where they get put back, or whether other garbage spills onto the sidewalk.

“Someone else’s problem” apparently.

What has the world come to?

Filth and garbage line Hoboken streets and sidewalks

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It is a filthy town. Garbage blows like tumbleweeds in the desert. In the northwest corner of town, so much airborne dirt flies you literally need glasses to protect your eyes. Some of this is probably caused by the sheer volume of never ending construction (sigh). But look at all the food cartons, chicken bones, pizza crust, etc. just dumped everywhere along any sidewalk and you know we are dealing with a special breed of slob. (And don’t get me started on the snow – People, just because your dog’s hot crap sinks in the snow does not mean it is “gone” . . . )