Letter: Hoboken roads? A disaster!

Road changes have made Hoboken traffic a disaster

“Hoboken “mayor” don Zimmer’s daft driving redesigns are creating more traffic jams, unhealthy environmental conditions and potential accidents.

Her personal dream to make Hoboken a bicycle town will wreak havoc on the town’s economic health and has no basis in the reality of the lived experience of most of Hoboken.

It started several years ago when the inept Ian Sacs headed the Parking Utility and made Jackson Street off Newark Avenue one lane with two parking lanes and, of course, a bicycle lane. Come into Hoboken any time of the day or night and be prepared to simply wait. Drivers exiting Hoboken have created their own lane to get around the gridlock. Cars crossing Paterson and Jackson in either direction are often blocked.

The latest New Year’s resolution was to make Observer Highway more like a parking lot than a thoroughfare reducing east/west directions to one lane with dedicated left turn lanes. There are now two parking lanes and, of course, a bicycle lane. There is so much dead space that you can play sports in between lanes.”

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“And because cars are often backed up for a mile in either direction, you can sit in a car fuming, spewing fumes and just, well, observe.

Overtime police and Sheriff’s officers were dispatched the first week of January at Zimmer’s orders and it seemed to be working until they left and traffic jams increased. One day at 4:30pm, the cars coming into Hoboken were one long line from Washington Street in Hoboken to the Holland Tunnel entrance in Jersey City. Trying to get back into Hoboken at 5:10pm was impossible at any of the three entrances from Downtown Jersey City.

The Washington Street fiasco was averted by the business community, which collected over 1,000 signatures to persuade the City Council to eliminate the controversial elements.

There are enormous public safety concerns by delaying emergency vehicles from getting around where seconds can make a difference of life and death.

The State Commissioner of Transportation, the County Executive, the Hoboken Police Department and the Parking Utility have all capitulated to Zimmer, who should not be in the driver’s seat after 2017. I’m tempted to give her a one-way Zip Car gift certificate but she’ll never get out of town.”

Rev. Alexander Santora

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The disease of disconnection is epidemic. Not one councilperson has to drive out of Hoboken during rush hour so how would they know what it feels like to be worried that they’re not going to make it to work on time? The irony of it is that the ‘progressive’ traffic schemes forced upon this urban city have hurt the working people; Nurses ,Teachers, Cops, Firemen, etc… Poor souls trying to get to work! There has been no ‘flow’ to what Zimmer has done. Everything has been forced. Too many mistakes! Paving streets in the middle of the night (disrupting lives), taking pictures with other politicians on gas lines during Hurricane Sandy, only to shut down the line after she leaves, the selfish redesign of Observer Highway (disaster), the mess of Jackson St. to Newark St. (a major corridor to the other side of the county) and now Washington St. (It’s like a recurring nightmare). I wonder if she believes in Karma?