Beached at Maxwell Park


This dumpy boat had been sitting over on the beach at Maxwell Place for the past few days. I didn’t think it’d amount to a post on Hoboken411, but I got several pictures plus this email from reader “Hobo_Ken”:

3-hour tour, Hudson River Style

Last night, my wife and I were walking along the riverfront by the new beach/park area near Maxwell Place and came across this small boat washed up on the beach. The engine was gone and the seats an steering wheel broken, but the AM/FM/CD player was still in the dashboard. I’m assuming it was either set adrift by someone looking to get rid of it (and hoping it would just drift out to sea) or it broken free from it’s marina during Friday night’s rainstorm. Not sure it’s still there, since I haven’t walked back over there this afternoon or if it drifted back out with the tide.

I just though it was a fairly interesting and unusual sight for Hoboken.”


(Pic credits to “Craft” and “Hobo_Ken”… thanks!)

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From a show called Red Dwarf:

Lister: What makes you think these aliens exist?
Rimmer: They must do, Lister! There’s so many things that are strange and odd. So many things we don’t have any explanation for.
Lister: Like, um, why do intelligent people buy cinema hot dogs? Do you mean that sort of weird and mysterious thing?
Rimmer: No, Lister, I mean like the pyramids. How did they move such massive pieces of stone without the aid of modern technology?
Lister: They had massive whips, Rimmer. Massive, massive whips.
Rimmer: All right, then, the Bermuda Triangle. Go on, explain that one. You know all the answers.
Lister: No, I agree there. That is a genuine mystery. How did a song like that ever become a hit? It defies all reason.
Rimmer: I just don’t know why I bother. I’d get more sense out of a squashed hedgehog. Lister, don’t you ever stop and wonder, why are we here? What’s the grand purpose?
Lister: Why does it have to be such a big deal? Why can’t it be like, like, human beings are a planetary disease? Like the Earth’s got German measles or facial herpes, right? And that’s why all of the other planets give us such a wide berth. It’s like, “Oh, don’t go near Earth! It’s got human beings on it, they’re contagious!”
Rimmer: So you’re saying, Lister, you’re an intergalactic, pus-filled cold sore! At last, Lister, we agree on something.


[quote comment=”83502″]geese should be eradicated. you need a couple of big plastic swans – a lot of times that will stop them from setting up shop.[/quote]
I have no problem with geese. some enterprising person should collect the droppings and sell it as compost.
besides, how do you know there’s not some alien race looking down at us saying “we” should be eradicated, and I’d be hard pressed to come up with an argument why we shouldn’t be.


This thing was tied up at the marina next to the dog run pier. It’s been sinking for weeks. I guess it finally got loose / sank / etc and ended up on the “beach”. Nice. more like 3 minute tour. 😛

oh well okay
oh well okay

geese should be eradicated. you need a couple of big plastic swans – a lot of times that will stop them from setting up shop.


Sounds like a job for CSI Hoboken.