NJ Transit Strike {not}

No NJ Transit strike after all… {video}

All the people worried and all the hype about the socialized transport medium known as NJ Transit, and the potential service disruption – for nothing.

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Looming NJ Transit Strike {podcast}

3/3/2016 Update:

So now there is a looming “threat” that NJ Transit workers will go on “strike,” as soon as March 13, 2016.

All this over “labor negotiations” and other stupid power struggles. Hear what commuters in Hoboken have to say about it in this Hoboken Internet Radio report from Alice Stockton-Rossini:

NJ Transit Strike - NJ Transit Strike {not}

5 reasons this is wrong

This entire situation is wrong on so many levels – we don’t know where to begin!

  1. For starters – debacles like this should provide a stern reminder as to why no one should ever rely on “socialized transport” like trains and buses. Find a way to live your life where only YOU are responsible for your travels.
  2. Another chink in the armor of densely-populated living areas. Obviously the more people you cram into an area, the harder it becomes to get around – one of the main reasons these people-shuttlers were borne.
  3. Bureaucracy. “Centralized” organizations like this are almost always prone to mismanagement – and the ability to “disrupt” a large portion of the population. Not a good trigger to have.
  4. Unions. Sure, unions were created out of necessity a long time ago. However, they too, are now wrecking things as well. Unions (and pensions) are the reason why property taxes are so high across the country – and will be a main cause of toppling the house of cards.
  5. Corruption. Across the board – in any organization that grows too big, and with not enough public transparency.

Come to think of it – maybe that pedestrian bridge might not be such a bad idea after all?

Potential NJ Transit Strike - NJ Transit Strike {not}

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I wish they did go on strike. For months. You’d take stock of your life and self reliance. When you can hold thousands of people hostage and still get paid much higher than others is a crime. But the urban population grows because of those conveniences because no one thinks about it beyond their own selfish interests.