Permit-con: How to handle organized mass-drinking events in Hoboken?

classic Hoboken Saint Patricks Day photo - Permit-conVarious special events in Hoboken throughout the year can bring in many people. Other than the twice-a-year Hoboken Arts & Music Festival, which is run by the city, most events are privately organized.

Notable annual traditions include the St. Ann’s Feast and the Hoboken Italian Festival.

Many others happen as well – like concerts at the pier, and a myriad of charity races, 5K’s, and “city challenges.”

One thing in common with all of these events – is that they require permits from the city. Because they’re being held on public sidewalks and streets, and often result in road closures and the need for additional police presence. Heck, even single block-parties require bureaucratic paperwork from the city.

Leprecon, Santa-con, Cupid-con, what about them?

Hoboken st patricks day rooftop - Permit-conSince the St. Patrick’s Day Parade had been canceled by the city – a new (albeit smaller) event has taken it’s place: Leprecon.

We asked the city of Hoboken if those (what amount to as) “bar crawls” require permits – and their answer was no. Because they’re on private property, and no roads are closed. Also, we wanted to speak to the Leprecon organizers – but they haven’t gotten back to us at press time.

But what about the mayhem that ensues?

Hoboken411 and Hoboken Internet Radio’s Alice Stockton-Rossini sat down with Society Madonna Dei Martiri President John Sciancalepore recently to hear his concerns about who bears the cost of such events. The added police required, and the many arrests and other disruptions that take place, etc.

Maybe the city doesn’t charge because it’s such a cash cow for them?

Listen below.

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I wish the uptown residents were half as respectful as the revelers.


With Santacon there was a lack of enforcement. We need the police to make an arrest in any drunken disorderly case. We need the sheriff to process those people who are arrested through the Hudson County jail. This silly catch and release system is not a deterrent. Half these kids give the police a fake name anyway.

When we catch black kids in the projects smoking pot we don’t do catch and release we send them to the county jail until they can get arraigned and make bail. They get finger printed and we check for open warrants before they can be released. Why we don’t take the same approach with belligerent white drunks is beyond me.

The message should be “come, have a good time, be respectful. If you are not respectful there will be consequences and those consequences will be unpleasant.”


Is anyone surprised that bar owners make a shitload of money from this event while the taxpayers pick up the bill? Bar owners have undue extra influence? Stop the presses!
Go to any other city and see that bars and restaurants have to pay for their own garbage and recycling too.