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Act your age: Infantile behavior film

You gotta love this.

An “instructional” video from the late 1940’s about how kids (immature teens to be exact), should behave.

I found this to be quite interesting.

For one, the kid who “defaced” the desk – had the knowledge about how to sand, stain, seal (essentially repair) his destruction. Unheard of today!

What 15 year old kid today knows how to use tools, or how to apply industrial chemicals? Less than one thousandth of a percent is our guess.

And what kid “goes to the drawing board,” to devise a plan to improve him or herself? That type of self-sufficient action is unheard of these days. My guess is that most kids run to the “app store” to see if (someone else) created a program to help them with their problems.

Or in other words – instead of organically trying to solve problems – most (including adults) look for “shortcuts” or “easy ways out” of quagmires.

While this video and the instructions contained within may be considered a bit rudimentary (and outdated) compared to today’s standards (and issues we face), it still holds a great deal of value. Straight-forward talking, and common sense topics.

Today, everything is muddled beyond belief – without a true, sincere approach to “what does it really mean?”

Share this with everyone you know (including kids, etc.) I bet you’d be surprised at the (shallow) reaction most have in that regard.

Today – everything is 10x worse

You see that “crime” the kid committed in that video?

Two main things would have happened today:

  • The kid would have received a criminal record for “vandalism,” setting him up for failure in the future, or,
  • No one would have noticed whatsoever. (Teacher complacency, lack of desire, “not worth it to bother” mentality…”)

Most likely the latter, as well as the lost opportunity to show a kid a “real life” example of how you can improve your life.

While we have strong feelings about today’s educational system (and are almost entirely against it), it’s still fascinating to see how much more simple basic education was back then.

Check our recent posts about the “college” educational system and the problems they’re (essentially) creating all by themselves!


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