New “ Episode ” In Life Of Hoboken Born Musician

Hoboken-born musician finds an Episode of success

Hoboken born musician Episode - New “ Episode ” In Life Of Hoboken Born MusicianThe young man in the multi colored jacket with the phone in his ear was born in at St. Mary’s Hospital in Hoboken in 1991.

This University Of Delaware Civil Engineering grad can’t shake the music and now finds himself in a wildly successful band called “Episode.”

Here’s what Billboard had to say:

“Back in 2014, Billboard first introduced the debut EP from the then-altpop/R&B leaning group Episode, highlighting their stunner of a lead single “Hold On” (feat. Stefan Weiner) and additional production from Thelonious Martin (Ab Soul, Chance the Rapper).

But over the last two years, the NY-based outfit has evolved, trading synths for guitars and a new indie rock sound, now comprised of Daniel Lonner (vocals/production), Eric Sherman (guitar), Brett Daniel (drums), and Giovanni Thatcher (bass).

After the release of their latest single, the rowdy rock anthem “Swim,” today the group shares the final song off their forthcoming EP, a demo-quality acoustic kiss-off track called “Lost In Cali” exclusively via Billboard.

“Last year we took a trip to Los Angeles and worked with producer Rex Kudo (Post Malone, Miguel) on a bunch of a music,” frontman Lonner tells Billboard. “‘Lost In Cali’ is a demo we did while we were out there. L.A. is a beautiful city. At its highs it feels surreal and distorted, but at it’s lows it feels empty in the way that New York feels whole.”

Catch Episode at their next headlining show, Friday, March 4th at Arlene’s Grocery in New York City, and if you missed it, stream their new single “Swim.”

Here’s another catchy track – “Lost in Cali:”

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016 3:34 am

Wow that Lost in Cali song is great! These guys have a future in music. Hope it lasts!

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