What happened to men?

No real work anymore – that’s what happened to men!

Oh don’t get me wrong – there are still plenty of real men out there! They’re just declining in numbers. Especially so in “metro” areas.

Real work has been fading away (manufacturing, mining) or gets replaced by automation. As well as hobbies that include physical work without “apps” or social media. Narcissistic activities like cross-fit do not count.

And I see women actually getting more masculine. Tattoos everywhere, more aggressive driving, butchy styling.

So now men (despite the “manly” beard trend) are the ones wearing skinny pants and “fashion scarves.”

One guy ranted about a recent WSJ article. He’s annoying and probably does this stuff from Mom’s basement. But still a worthy topic nonetheless.

The question is why?

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men shop more like women - What happened to men?

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