Stop towing cars!

Why don’t they stop towing cars in Hoboken?

Was thinking about this the other day… with all this talk about “complete streets” and “safety” measures all over the place.

Why don’t they put an end to towing cars in Hoboken? There are several good reasons why this practice should cease.

A lot of times, tow trucks and flat-beds create traffic jams – often causing a backlog of cars than can stretch a couple blocks. This creates hazardous conditions in the preceding crosswalks.

Other times, cars have to “squeeze by” in order to pass the truck as they prepare to tow said vehicle. What would happen if someone was unloading their trunk when a passing car crashed? Another dangerous situation.

Back in the day – a ticket was enough. Now you have to get hassled to the extreme because of a minor violation.

Why won’t they stop this? MONEY.

hypocritical hoboken towing cars but wants safety - Stop towing cars!

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016 8:40 pm

It’s not the parking job only that perhaps has the writer frustrated but the influx of f’n C’s. They behave outlandishly selfishly and smug.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016 8:30 am

illegally parked cars should be towed and that should be the expectation. If you park in a red zone, across a hydrant, in a crosswalk, across someones drive or even double park and leave your car there you should be towed. Just this week I have nearly been run over by 2 cars in a cross walk because people are parking on the corners.

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