Citibike bike sharing blunder in Hoboken

Blockhead: Why didn’t Hoboken use Citibike?

New York City has Citibike bike sharing. Jersey City has Citibike bike sharing.

Would have made sense for Hoboken to also have Citibike bike sharing too, right?

Nope. Hoboken has that dopey “Nextbike.”

Residents from all around the area are begging Citibike to (at least) put some stations in Hoboken near the commuting hub downtown, which would allow many Jersey City residents easy access to the local businesses, etc. And since the biggest city in the country across the river has it – it would have been a logical convenience for many.

Here’s a promo video from citibike:

Thousands complain Citibike not in Hoboken

Many complaints rolling in, such as:

This would allow Hoboken residents that have Citibike NY to participate in Citibike over in JC! Simply said, our bike share system is a disaster. Anything we can get on Citibike on this side of the hudson is welcomed!”


“It will provide connection between jersey city heights art district and path system. It will be heavily utilized. A lot of JC residents need to get to/from Hoboken Terminal. The nearest existing CitiBike station is at Newport Parkway, approximately 12-15 minute walk away.”

Why “mayor” don Zimmer chose Nextbike is short-sighted to say the least, and very suspicious (who got paid what?)

While we’re no fan of socialized transport, and think this is just a can of worms waiting to make a mess in the future, leave it up to Hoboken to pick the worst of the worst.

citibike blunder in Hoboken NJ - Citibike bike sharing blunder in Hoboken

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Rick Taylor

Yet another bullshit tactic from the current mayor. I understand people live and work in Hoboken but majority of the residents live here for the proximity of New York City not because Hoboken is such a nice town. If people didn’t care about New York City they would live in a big house in Jersey somewhere. What logical form of thinking would make the Mayor decide on a bike sure system that doesn’t match the main reason people live here? It wouldn’t be more expensive and it would’ve generated more for the local economy with people biking in from Jersey City and coming from New York . Makes no logical sense unless someone was getting paid. Mayor Zimmer- let’s not give people what they want and let’s give people what’s best for her…. soundd right.


Totally disagree. Installing CitiBike would have been much more costly then NextBike. We could have a single bike share system unique to Hudson County and its residents. What’s ‘dopey’ is Jersey City turning its back on Hudson county and forging ahead on their own path under the mistaken belief that they’re the “6th borough”.