Wacky water situation at Lackawanna


Reports of a “water emergency” over near the ferry slips at Lackawanna Station.

Hordes of emergency agencies were dispatched (HPD, HFD, water patrol, NJ Transit and more). Sounded like someone fell into the river.

Apparently, it was a NJ Transit cop chasing someone, who thought they were Aqua-Man and could escape (whatever he did) by jumping into the water. He seemed to turn out ok.

With all the police presence down by the PATH, they also took care of several improperly parked vehicles, and demanded that Teak shut all doors and windows (loud music) and they’re investigating “egg tossing at cars” near Lana Lounge. Listen to all the fun on the Live Hoboken police and fire scanner.

Maybe these nutty incidents will slow down after Memorial Day?


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