Are tablets done?

Computers, tablets, convertibles, smart phones – too much?

Internet-connected devices. Everyone has at least one. Most people probably have in the neighborhood of half a dozen or more. TV’s, streaming boxes, thermostats, cars, and even refrigerators now. Make it stop, Jimmy Tango! (It’s also what we feel contributes to why so many people are overly “sensitive…”)

But for your “main” device – I’m still strong on a powerful desktop computer (and will always be until they’re just not made anymore). A large, comfortable keyboard. Multiple monitors with plenty of easy to read screen real estate.

The other tiny devices like “smart” phones and tablets we barely use other than for bare essentials or an occasional look up when we’re away. I’m sure the rest of the populous now uses their phone as their primary “connected” device.

But the purpose of this post was to give some aspiring YouTuber kid Nick (EveryThingTech) a little shout out.

He’s obviously “into” technology – and has made a little hobby of it mimicking the multitude of tech videos already out there (you know, reviews, the infamous “unboxing” of products “fanbois” get aroused over, etc.)

While his videos don’t get many views – and most are okay at best – he made a pretty good editorial about Why we are no longer buying Tablets. Or at least what is “trending” higher in the computing segment.

Take it for what it’s worth. Can’t knock him for trying.

are tablets over - Are tablets done?

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